Asus and Nvidia use Virtual Currency (Games) to Promote their Cards, Will they use Cryptocurrencies in the future?

Saw this gem in my email They are offering up to $100 worth of virtual currencies (game currencies in HoN and Path of Exile) to promote their GTX 750 and 650 North America gets $150 $150 in-game When you buy a GeForce GTX 650/750-series graphics card or 700M/800M GPU-powered notebook. 3050 Gold Coins (worth $50) 500 Points (worth $50) 5200 Kredits (worth $50) Sea Gets $100 $100 in-game When you buy a GeForce GTX 650/750-series graphics card or 700M/800M GPU-powered notebook. 5000 Gold Coins (worth $50) 500 Points…
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CoinGecko launches world’s first non market cap Coin Ranking System

Coingecko has launched an innovative Rankings system (perhaps even a ratings system) for the myriad of cryptocoins out there in the market today. Instead of going by market cap, they have developed their proprietary ranking algorithm focusing on Developers, Community and Liquidity. This is definitely a different take from the usual market cap sites, which are still important. Taking a different tack of development and community may well prove helpful. It looks to be a healthy development of how people come to view cryptocurrencies! What you may find…
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༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give DIRETIDE jumps cars to Dogecoin, changes form to ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIVE DOGECAR; Volvo to Nascar

Give Diretide was a community meme that spread from Dota 2 players surprised that a seasonal event "diretide" didn't make it to 2013. It made its way into an entire crowd phenomenon, bombarding the Volvo carmaker as collateral damage (a meme of Valve the game maker) and finally had Diretide reintroduced to the game in the end. The friendly looking wisps seems to have spread wings and changed cars, as it makes its way from Volvo to Nascar for the Dogecoin nascar dogecar. A pretty fun way of…
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China Credit Cracks Property, Li Ka Shing gets out of dodge, gets into Dogecoin?

It has been out for a while that Li Ka Shing had been dumping his property holdings in Hong Kong and Singapore, divesting them to then transfer proceeds into buying Taiwan and Japan. Now, Beijing, and the whole china, appears to his next step in getting out of dodge in China's Massive Shadow Banking, Credit and Property bubble. (Much of Li Ka Shing's fortune was amassed through property plays) Zerohedge: Now, you’d think that a major credit crunch with far-reaching consequences in the world’s second largest economy, its…
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Asian Bitcoin exuberance sends price skyrocketing 50% from $339 lows, as China’s deadline passes with new bitcoin ATM launches

On Asian time, the working day has ended with Bitcoin exchanges seeming to have survived once more to fight another day. It has been a regular roller coaster for bitcoin on China news. Undaunted, Btcchina has launched its physical atm lamassu and virtual atm picasso. Relieved people probably plowed back in, but one should be careful not to put any more than they can afford to lose (David at CNBC). WSJ Bitbeat has also picked up on April 15. Bitcoin prices continue to recover from the China-induced selloff.…
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John Wise Dogecoin Nascar Dogecoin Voting

You've already heard about the Dogecar for nascar, well, now there's a chance to get more dogecar action! The 2014 sprint fan vote You decide! Who’s the next NASCAR Sprint All-Star™ driver? Josh Wise Josh Wise (dogecar) is number 98! Remember, Dogecoin reaches audiences other cryptos cannot reach! Dogecoin nascar fan explains how strong it is I want to let you guys know how big of an opportunity this Josh Wise thing is. () submitted 2 hours ago by 24rockspoor shibe Hi fellow shibes! I'm a diehard NASCAR…
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Dogecoin as future of science funding?

Start from 10 mins on! Look for the Doge hahaha (h/t jy!)   Published on Apr 4, 2014 Ben Eisenkop is an ecosystem ecologist working on his doctorate at Binghamton University who investigates patterns of nitrogen biogeochemistry in relation to the behaviors of various animals including the American crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos) and teaches as a graduate instructor. He is also the person behind the alias "Unidan" on the news and link aggregator website , where he has reached millions of users by delivering "micro-lectures" on various biological topics…
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Wolong shorts S&P 500, leaves remaining bitcoins a mystery

Wolong is moving from coins to more conventional markets, shorting the SPX500 Bitcoin has been removed from his signature, and his remaining stash from his long period of trying to sell of a rumored 10,000 bitcoins is a "secret" I am heavily short SPX500 (S&P500) First Target if not hit in a month, I will run orchard road naked.
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Dogecoin Nascar makes Coindesk

The founder of Moolah, a cryptographic payment platform, yesterday donated too much moolah (sorry) to a dogecoin fundraising campaign. Alex Green had intended to give 2 million dogecoin to support the reddit community’s effort to put a dogecoin car in NASCAR. By chance he typed an extra zero, raising the amount to 20 million dogecoin – or $15,000. However, Green is standing by his generous donation and took to reddit to raise the stakes even higher: Was meant to be 2M…. silly keyboard. I will stand by my mistake…
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Coindesk: Why bitcoin needs ATM and Dogecoin for mass adoption

(Update: Bitcoin seems to have embraced Dogecoin's Nascar!) Dogecoin came on the cryptocurrency scene as a total lark, but its ability to convey a simple message is what has made it such a transformative altcoin, the panelists said. As noted at last week’s Bitconference California, many people who have gotten on the dogecoin bandwagon probably haven’t even touched bitcoin. It’s brought a totally different crowd, especially women and younger people who never have been interested in bitcoin. Said Pierce: “Almost all of the altcoins, with the exception of…
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