Dogecoin Draws Korea Maxim Model Fan

Looks like Dogecoin is drawing supporters from all sorts of unlikely places! In a testament to its geographic and demographic reach, it has attained a fan in a Korean Maxim Model. While it is uncertain that this counts as a dogecoin miner or dogengineer (or chief cryptoengineer) cosplay, that is a shirt with a certain dogeminer with a shovel and pickaxe. Ellie Yoon Yeonghwa is a model, and yeonghwa also has the added meaning of "movie". She was first introduced to bitcoin by a foreign friend (instead of…
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Notch takes Skyrim magic horses and Sprinkles some Dogecoin

Minecraft Maker Notch has another Notch to add to his game history. And has added some doge, some 280k worth 'Minecraft' creator's new game makes a statement with weird horse physics By Cassandra Khaw on June 9, 2014 02:03 am Email @casskhaw ... Though unnecessary, it's possible to purchase "early access" to Cliffhorse with dogecoin, a meme-inspired crytocurrency beloved by the Swedish developer. Since yesterday, the game has made roughly 280,000 doge, or about $100. "Is ironically buying an ironic game for ironic money actually ironic?" asks Notch. "I don't…
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Dogecoin empowers Altruism and Charity, where Power bills replaces Banking middlemen

Dogecoin has been turning heads for its high profile social movements that take global crowdfunding to the next level. It has helped the Jamaican Bobsled team and the Indian Luger team for the Sochi Olympics, raised water for Kenya, and sent Nascar #98 racer Josh Wise into the races! The magic of Dogecoin is that it allows anyone with a computer that has a graphics card linked to the internet, to magically transform their utilities and electricity bill into a movement of monetary value across the entire world…
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So you want to mine dogecoins

Maybe you've seen the Dogecar in action and you're wondering how to join the dogetipping fun? You could obtain some by joining dogetips giveaways, buy some from exchanges, or start mining your own! This could be an option if you already have a gaming graphics card on your desktop, or you have space for one, or want to buy an ASIC miner. a) If you want to mine dogecoins, there are a few options: 1) Get a graphics card Popular options are: Nvidia 750ti, ATI Radeon 270, 280x…
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Doge Report: Fox Nascar calls Dogecoin Coolest Sponsorship, #98 Moonrocket, PS4 game ver

Video: NASCAR Race Hub: Josh Wise Dishes on his Dogecoin Sponsorship Dogecar in PS4 game ;viewfull=1#post419624 npr wsj 98 moonrocket!!!     Phil Parsons - On Sunday, one cryptocurrency will start moving. Very, very fast. Nascar driver Josh Wise is racing in the Aaron’s 499 at Talledega Speedway in Florida, and his #98 Moonrocket has a most unusual sponsor: dogecoin. As with most things related to dogecoin, what began as a lark – the idea of buying a Nascar sponsorship – has become a reality. The dogies raised…
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Wheels on the Dogecar, Doge Movie/Reddit Doc update

(the guy who started it) --- Want to leave some questions for someone who will be interviewing Josh Wise? I'm going to be interviewing Josh Wise, NASCAR driver #98 and Shibe! What questions would you like for him to answer? () submitted 3 hours ago by busterronigiving shibe The interview will be conducted within the next day or two :) --- Doge Movie/Reddit Doc team, good news and bad news Shibes! We are 99% set to be filming at Talladega and will be doing live tweeting/instagramming! What do…
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Moolah starts Moofund; Crowdfunding platform

Moofund is now live as a technology preview, let's kick things off in a big way by raising $50,000 to help the homeless. () submitted 13 hours ago by founder is a cross-currency fundraising platform that allows charities, non-profits and anybody with an idea to raise funds. There are no fees (bar any incurred by a 3rd party, such as credit card processing fees) for charities and non-profits, and fees for everybody else are set at a low 1%. The fees raised by this 1% are put back…
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Origin Story of Shiba Inu Doge Kabosu!: Verge

Move over Newsweek Satoshi Here's how an origin story is done To Da Moon! And though she had seen some of the images online, until just a week ago Sato had no idea what the doge meme actually was. She had just wanted to share some cute pictures of her pets on the internet. Very saved The furry face that launched a thousand quips nearly never made it to the web. Sato adopted Kabosu from an animal shelter in November, 2008, saving her from certain death. "She was…
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The Doge Report: Roundup, Dogecar sponsorship alongside Macdonalds, KFC and Target, ABCNews award Jamaican Bobsled Team Athlete of the Year

gcruzattotechnician shibe 49 points 5 hours ago That feeling you get when you see Dogecoin on the same list as McDonald's, Miller, Geico, FedEx, wow   The Jamaican Bobsleigh Team won Athlete of the Year honors for using crowdfunding to finance its trip to the Sochi Olympics. The team raised $129, from the crowdfunding site Crowdtilt and also received unsolicited donations from the supporters of Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency inspired by a silly Internet meme. The awards will be handed out on May 19 in New York in a…
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