The Doge Report: Billy Markus Open Letter, Dogebull takes Wall Street (Auction 150000 doge), Dogestreet Dogeparty

Updated with Doge Party Doge Bull Documentary Video Includes a vampire squid Billy Markus' Open Letter I have no way of knowing how transient this all may be. I'm a lifelong gamer -- I've seen communities rise and fall around all sorts of games as the novelty wore off. My first 2 months playing World of Warcraft was the absolute best gaming experience of my I watched that community slowly change to one of complaining and obsession, gear scores and egos, and completely lose track of why the…
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Doge Report: Dogecoin Drops on Inflation Confusion

I guess the biggest threat to Dogecoin is if its users become far too People getting into it were going zomg its inflationary, 5% printing. (Bitcoin and Litecoins have a hard cap, but supply is readily mined out for now til 20XX, Dogecoin was intended to hit a high number and then have a small stream of diminishing marginal increases proportionately to supply) And then a lot of ups and downs as people wrapped their heads around. Of Wolves and Weasels - Day 24 - 100 BILLION coins…
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The Doge Report: Notable currency, Harry Potter met Doge, New Hold, Doge Markets, ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ ☾ give moon pls

Update: Wolong shows his cash Notable Cryptocurrencies: Dogecoin Harry Potter has met Doge before yer a wizard THIS IS DOGETA!!! Montana State Representative Nicholas Schwaderer tweets BREAKING NEWS about Doge. Check it out! Thanks Nicholas! () submitted 1 day ago by DrinkHotWaterDogeillionaire TweetPoster 8 points 1 day ago @Schwad4HD14: 2014-01-27 04:13:04 UTC BREAKING: Folks can now send family or friends money instantly without banks or fees - in a text. #mtpol#dogecoin Dogesled Art winners More in that reddit for the runner ups Markets: I spotted this: ༼ つ…
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The Doge Report: Rampaging Scrypt botnet jumps from Litecoin onto Dogecoin, causes Fear and Panic

Update on possible botnet and difficulties As you can see both litecoin and dogecoins have had their difficulties drop sharply, litecoin hasn't been at 2k+ mark for a while, and doge is going back to its old 1k+. This will make litecoin miners and dogecoin miners very happy since their yield will be up. It looks like the botnet has moved on to feathercoin or worldcoin? (anyone to confirm?) Update: middlecoin?   Today has been quite the day for Dogecoin. Too big things would have stood out to…
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The Doge Report: Honda Dogemobile, the rise and rise of dogecoin ABC news, BBC news, Google moderator, Japan trains

Honda Dogemobile incoming? The internet created a reason to #LoveToday when the community came together to make these bobsled dreams come true. — Honda (@Honda) January 24, 2014 ABC News The rise and rise of the Dogecoin and internet tipping culture DAVID MARK: Seven weeks ago Dogecoin didn't exist. Now the virtual currency is worth $70 million and is showing no sign of slowing down. The crypto-currency, as they're known, is now the most popular internet-based money in existence, despite the fact it started as a joke. WILL…
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