Moolah starts Moofund; Crowdfunding platform

Moofund is now live as a technology preview, let's kick things off in a big way by raising $50,000 to help the homeless. () submitted 13 hours ago by founder is a cross-currency fundraising platform that allows charities, non-profits and anybody with an idea to raise funds. There are no fees (bar any incurred by a 3rd party, such as credit card processing fees) for charities and non-profits, and fees for everybody else are set at a low 1%. The fees raised by this 1% are put back…
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Origin Story of Shiba Inu Doge Kabosu!: Verge

Move over Newsweek Satoshi Here's how an origin story is done To Da Moon! And though she had seen some of the images online, until just a week ago Sato had no idea what the doge meme actually was. She had just wanted to share some cute pictures of her pets on the internet. Very saved The furry face that launched a thousand quips nearly never made it to the web. Sato adopted Kabosu from an animal shelter in November, 2008, saving her from certain death. "She was…
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The Doge Report: Roundup, Dogecar sponsorship alongside Macdonalds, KFC and Target, ABCNews award Jamaican Bobsled Team Athlete of the Year

gcruzattotechnician shibe 49 points 5 hours ago That feeling you get when you see Dogecoin on the same list as McDonald's, Miller, Geico, FedEx, wow   The Jamaican Bobsleigh Team won Athlete of the Year honors for using crowdfunding to finance its trip to the Sochi Olympics. The team raised $129, from the crowdfunding site Crowdtilt and also received unsolicited donations from the supporters of Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency inspired by a silly Internet meme. The awards will be handed out on May 19 in New York in a…
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What is Dogecoin? In Doodles

What is Dogecoin? Dogecoin is the cheerful, upbeat and easygoing cousin of bitcoin. It was created one upon a time when Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus added litecoin and moon dust to a shiba inu. it has made news for its lightheartedness and altruism, being involved in many global charitable events. instead of paying exorbitant fees to credit cards, people pay power companies by mining on their home computers to tip people on reddit or donate to charity. it has sent the jamaican bobsled team to the sochi…
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The Doge Report: Dogecoin Nascar Excitement, Forbes Nod, Manchester Fundraising and Dogecoin San Fran Convention

The excitement is building up over the may 4th Nascar Dogecar! and perhaps 2 more races after that via sprint vote Be wary tho, some speculators may take the chance to do some shenanigans if there is huge media attention Don't buy what you can't afford to lose, and hang tight! (btw check out the meme: ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIVE DOGECAR) Forbes nod Forbes have followed cryptos quite well gocoin gets a nod too (they take lite and doge) Mining sacrifices your computer’s computational processes to solve…
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The Doge Report: The Hood singlehandedly dogetiptwit 14 million Doge, $11700, (aka TenThousand Dollar Tweet) Doge for Dogewater Successful

The Hood is someone who donated 14 million dogecoin to doge4water over twitter, about 11700 usd. Doge4water has been successfully funded, so its jamaican dogesled, indian luger refund, and now dogewater for kenya! The Hood: iconnormcelebrishibe 97 points 1 day ago* For everyone who is wondering what +/u/savethemhood donated 14 million (14,000,000) dogecoin to Doge4Water over twitter: @tipdoge tip @Doge4water 14000000 may we all drink water. let the wealthy fill your cup. #savethemhood This was worth about $11,700 at the time of donation! It's gone so viral the…
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The Doge Report: Early Mar

1) New charitable cause Bring water to Kenya, via Dogecoins Dogecoin will be trying to build 2 drilling wells in Kenya, and provide access and tools to water. 2) Hearthstone so Doge 3) PC Gamer Mentioned twice in a review of the Xidax M6 Mining Rig. (it's an open secret that many gamers use mining as a way to subsidize a higher initial outlay of higher end graphics cards ;P)
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The Doge Report: Jackson Palmer says Stop fixating on Bitcoin Price, CNN covers Dogecoin $135,000 house

“The community needs to stop being so fixated on ‘the price of Bitcoin,’ because the end goal should be to keep it stable. The viability of a currency shouldn’t be pegged to how much profit you can make when you cash out to a fiat currency. Unfortunately, that’s how a lot of people see it right now. We have a saying in the Dogecoin community: 1 DOGE will always equal 1 DOGE. If a currency’s users truly believe in that and build the trust of merchants in the currency as a…
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The Doge Report: Dogecoin makes way to moon on ANX and BTC38 acceptance with main currencies DOGE/USD DOGE/RMB (HK exchange that takes Aussie deposits, China Altcoin Exchange)

Dogecoin has managed to claw back to almost its bobsled high. The excitement from getting a direct USD price and RMB price probably helped. Its ripping its way towards the moon, well, clawing back its drop from the recent inflation hoo ha. ANX has taken dogecoins, they were the ones to give out bitcoin angbaos in hong kong, and has recently accepted australian deposits. (Dogecoin was made in Australia, and also receives love from the media there) AsiaNexgen 120 points 1 day ago ANXPRO is supporting the Reddit…
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