DK v Alliance East Meets West Nexon Invitational Super Match OGN

Update: Found the Dota Cosplayers at Gstar 2013 Korea Busan Bexco! DK fight alliance again at MLG Columbus! This is probably the most highly anticipated match following the international 3. We get to see one of the top China/Asia team reformed after the ACE debacle against the winner of TI3 and one of the top European/West team. Both teams have been shaky since patch , but it does look as if the counterparts are DK and Alliance, IG and Navi, with the latter taking quite a bit of…
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Nexon Invitational Super Match

Update:  Nexon Super Invitational DK v Alliance in Busan, Korea Lol this is pretty funny Basically DK and Alliance will be in the same week, along with korean team 3 (which I think has been determined) and has the highest prize pool. For the korea team 3 its pretty much like mongolia stuck between russia and china (thanks jcjc). Sandwiched between a rock and a hard wall Apparently you make a couple grand each win you take. The comments are pretty hilarious (this is the nexon ogn invitational…
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6.79 goes live on pro esports scene (spoilers alert)

We have seen pretty fast uptake of in the various tournaments around the world. was a pretty lengthy patch and it is no surprises to have a lot of changes. Quite a bit of paper theorycrafting would have taken place but nothing would beat seeing the best laid plans being shreded on the cool pragmatism of the battlefield and we have that in a few competitions. Nerfnow again provides a poignant description of the first few days of the scene And you can also see the professional dota…
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DK v IG HyperX D2L Season 4

They are playing , (it may feel a bit unpredictable if you are betting lol) Game 1 Quite a decent match to watch if you are free Very exciting back and forth at the bottom lane, with multiple teleports and engagments new roshan timer the randomness of roshan Pretty nice work on IG, smoking into roshan, not killing roshan and baiting, going for roshan again when DK saw it was a trap. Grabbing a nice free roshan later. Quite a decent match to watch if you are free.…
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DK v

DK faces off against in WPC Ace League DK's Iceiceice will face his old teammate in 's Xfreedom Watch live video from D2L on Game 2 A more closely matched match this round, with DK slowly building up to eventually take the game 2-0, continuing their unstoppable streak in wpc ace league
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DK v Rattlesnakes WPC Ace League Playoffs Bo2

DK plays Rattlesnakes after Tongfu faced off against VG. DK is the hot favorite, and for good reason! DK has been undefeated so far, with tongfu losing to VG earlier.   Results Image: End of Game 1 Rattlesnake puts up a pretty good fight against DK in the second one, doing a few good team fights, but DK eventually pushed through with two lane continued pressure and siege. On DK, they went mass blinks and force staffs, quickly hitting 3 blinks and 2 forcestaffs. Rattlesnake manages to even…
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DK v IG WPC Ace League Bo2 2 Oct 2013

What a way to open October! The highly anticipated matchup between the two china teams DK and IG just took place! Both teams are the only ones to have not dropped a match in the league until today. --- Updated with Post Match Interview   They begun with how they got into gaming, with Burning having started early on (2008 debut), and going through the team. Mushi on China, he loves everything but isn't used to the food Iceiceice on China, he finds crossing the roads very dangerous,…
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