Diablofans add horadric cache sharing to kadala sharing, resplendent chest locations

Horadric Caches Loot Summary - Share Your Drops Much like with our Gambling Drop Rate Summary, we're going to try to summarize the drops from Horadric Caches, so that it becomes a bit more obvious how much completing Bounties is worth it. Go to the topic in our forums and share what your luck brought you! List of Guaranteed Resplendent Chest Locations Vizuzu made a list of the locations that have guaranteed Resplendent chests and showed how they are easily farmed in a video. If you believe in the higher…
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Diablofans datamine 2.04 patch changes (no wizzie nerfs yet, rest gets buffed, particularly crusader)

Official Patch notes out, nerfs, buffs and teleport gets a range boost Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls First Patch - Datamined Class Changes A patch has just hit Blizzard's download servers. It looks like this patch should go live with the Tuesday maintenance. This patch should also include the items they can not hotfix. Remember the following information is datamined and may contain errors. DiabloFans Quote: Barbarian Bash Now deals 215% weapon damage (up from 170%). Onslaught : Now does an additional 100% (up from 80%). Clobber :…
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entropy42 diablofans elemental and skill +%

Update: just made my simple elemental dps calc for android! diablofans re-sort Skill and Elemental Bonuses by Slot If you have any doubts about what damage bonuses you're able to find and in what ranges they might be depending on the type of item, our forum member Entropy42 has put together a pretty nice list with most of them. He has sorted them by item type, but here they'll be ordered by class, so check out whichever seems more convenient to you! All Classes (Elemental Damage Bonuses) Physical skills:…
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