Reaper of Souls Week 1 Highlights, Conduit Goblin Pylon

I ran into a pack of goblins in a Rift, with the Conduit shrine, the dream. () submitted 2 days ago* by fawcanzoidberg#2453 Conduit Pylon* Sick ammy My best Amulet drop ever () submitted 4 hours ago by yb0t No reroll yet, i'm assuming reroll the arcane resist since that's not needed anymore? Sorry my pc woudln't printscreen whilst holding ctrl for some reason. A perk of 2h Maximus Summoning Rift Guardian with massacre  
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Crusader in Reaper of Souls Impressions

Crusader is a pretty fun play, since quite a bit of the signature moves are learned by 15. You get the movement speed charging steed that really lives up to the Knight/Paladin/Crusader mythos, and then you get the 2 handed weapon 1 hand wield with a shield, and you get two ranged hammers including blessed hammer that allows you an early Hammerdin! You can really just charge in the fray and land lightning and holy swinging your shield and weapon around. Later you get Captain America style shield…
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Nephalem Rifts from Adventure Mode

Nephalem Rifts are the cool new random end game dungeons in Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls! You have to do a bit of Adventure mode for the rift keys, you also get a horadric cache for completing 5 in an act Bloodshards can be used for gambling at Kadala Gheed style. With 5 nephalem rift keystones you can open a portal The Maps can be incredibly random, like this short map: There seems to be a high loot drop in the rifts Torment isn't necessarily the best place…
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Easy Wizard Malthael Farming, Black Hole EH sucks in his attacks (fight spoilers)

If you glyph black hole with event horizon, it seems Malthael is counted as an elite and event horizon simply sucks in the bulk of his most dangerous attacks! Update: Easy malthael on torment This makes it easier to farm for the buggy (reduced drop rate bug) Reaper's Fear for the malthael craft. Items The drop chance for the Reaper's Fear crafting reagent is currently too low. Wizard has another skill helpful for malthael. Black Hole event Horizon sucks in the Touhou style green projectiles in phase 1,…
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Blizzard Augmented Reality Viewer

precursor to Oculus Rift integration? Good news for those who bought the physical Collector's edition Enhance Your Experience with the Blizzard® AR Viewer Lylirra 3/26/2014 63 Enhance Your Experience with the Blizzard® AR Viewer Players who've already explored their Collector's Edition goodies may have noticed a small note in the back of the official Reaper of Souls™ art book referencing a mysterious new app called the Blizzard® AR Viewer. So, what is the Blizzard AR Viewer, where can you get download the app, and how does it work?…
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Malthael Fast Farm (leaving before checkpoint changes, so quest resumes for fast loot)

Update: wizard spell can farm malthael in a less "exploit-y" way The checkpoint thing should be fixed at some point go blizz! I suppose this is one bug for the reaper's fear bug which is dropping at lower than expected rates (it's a crafting mat)
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Act V review, Adventure Mode, on Wizard, PSA: grinding to 70 before malthael not such a good idea (Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls)

With Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls being released, it's time to see if Blizzard really delivered on what they promised! As it turns out, it seems that they did. In a dramatic about turn from the disaster of Diablo 3 classic, Reaper of Souls while bringing in more of the same, tries to rejuvenate its the zombified game in several drastic steps. One of which was the Auction House, said to short circuit the loot game as the point of the game (which it was), and then trading…
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Josh Mosquiera Ladders for Reaper of Souls: Diablofans, Seasons, Tiered rifts

Looks like this will be coming out in Seasons And Ladder-Like System One of the features you guys have asked about a lot, that we have done a lot of research for, is something called ladders. I'm happy to say that as part of our first big content patch in a couple of months, we will be releasing Seasons, which will include a ladder-like aspect to them. We're still working on them, but the general gist is that you'll level up a new character, we'll have specific ladders for…
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Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Launch Party in Singapore

The launch party took place at Lido, Shaw Theatres, where there was 2 hours of non stop lucky draws leading up to the grand finals. The first and second prizes involves Alienware computers. The odds was pretty good it looks, as it was a few chances out of a few hundred at getting the Alienware computer or laptop. The Steelseries headset is a pretty good prize and there were mice and figurines and gashas to round it off. A few collector's editions were also being given away. There…
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