David on CNBC Street Signs on Bitcoin, Asia, Singapore and China

David runs the coin brokerage , as well as working with bitcoiniacs at the Robocoin in Bartini in Singapore. It's popular for bitcoin tourists it seems. David talks about the risk inherent, don't invest beyond what you are comfortable with losing. That said, the technology is brilliant, antifragile, and doesn't need bank bailouts. Btc china's atm is out today in china. China's influence on bitcoin
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Singapore Bitcoin Meetup Feb 13

Singapore Community Upbeat and Vibrant despite Global Bitcoin Gloom In Asia, Bitcoiners streamed into Bartini in Singapore for the monthly gathering and meetup. Despite the global gloom and doom from the malleability issues, price crashes and DDoS attacks, there was much more people compared to previous events. Being in a unique position between the east and west, there were also many people arriving from around the world. There were miners, enthusiasts, investors, businesses and some from public bodies. Bitcoiners gave presentations on varied topics, as well as current…
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Coin Republic: 6 Bitcoin ATMs in Singapore, 4 online

Update: The site for the Lamassu has been changed from to Update: new rules AMLTF bitcoin intermediary regulations incoming for singapore If you want to give an ATM a try (I did, bring your mobile wallet): Numoni has 4 machines now: The 4Point3 Café at the Singapore Management University at the School of Information Systems at 80 Stamford Road B1-61A, Singapore 178902 Dynasty Audio N Cameras Pte Ltd, 1 Rochor Canal Road, 02-29 Sim Lim Square, Singapore 188504. Afeita Pte Orchard Road, #02-48 Lucky Plaza, Singapore 238863. Pic…
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Coin Watch: Channel News Asia interviews David Moskovitz, Bitcoin hits 1200 closing with paper gold, Litecoin takes a high of 48 USD and 380 Yuan (62 USD) hitting 1 Billion market cap before crashing to 36, on Yahoo, Zerohedge

David Moskovitz of being interviewed on channel news asia in Singapore. He held up pretty well in the interview. An older CNA on bitcoin Screenshots Bitcoin breaks 1200 USD mark today, making a milestone as well as pretty much sidling up with paper gold thats hovering around 1240. It lost a bit of steam, cant break 7000 yuan in china it seems. Maybe this adds support to the possibility that this round is a west side push? A roller coaster day as well as a crazy rise in…
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Have Bitcoin, will Travel, local english and chinese coverage on Life on Bitcoin’s Bitcoin World Tour and final pitstop in Singapore and roundup

(want to read about the bitcoin conference in Singapore?) Just a few days ago on the friday that has passed (1st of November), the Craig couple (or bitcoin couple) have spent the past 100 days, crossing continents, countries, sovereigns, jurisdictions without spending dollars or fiat. They've made their way from Utah, America to Stockholm, Sweden to Berlin, Germany to Singapore, Singapore. The bitcoin couple's blog: The kickstarter was to pay for the film crew, where they will be handling the documentary of their pretty incredible journey. Proof of…
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