Coindesk on Bitcoin Disruption on Classical Sectors

Worth a read of note (I suppose someone will be doing the equivalent for Amazon/Newegg soon) Paypal would be another one  Table 2: Bitcoin Ecosystem – Comparable Company EBITDA Margins Sources: Data as of January 10, 2014. CoinDesk, Wedbush Securities  Table 2 summarizes the EBITDA margins for the same basket of companies. Here we can quickly see part of story behind why Visa and Mastercard have such large market capitalizations. The two payment processors have the highest EBITDA margins in the basket at 66% and 58%, respectively. Such high margins make for…
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About time, eBay UK to Allow Sale of Virtual Currency from 10th February: Coindesk

eBay UK to Allow Sale of Virtual Currency from 10th February Emily Spaven (@emilyspaven) | Published on January 16, 2014 at 21:36 GMT | Companies, Merchants, News eBay is launching a dedicated Virtual Currency category on eBay Classifieds in the UK on 10th February. The Classified Ads category will allow for the sale of all types of digital currency, including bitcoin and litecoin, eBay representatives have confirmed. eBay Classifieds, which lists posts throughout the site, serves as the site’s answer to Craigslist. eBay provides the free platform for…
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Bitcoin gets london gold vaults and etoro listing as stock

Ah Lloyds So with that in mind, on Thursday, Elliptic opened its doors as a Bitcoin vault. Unlike its competitors, Elliptic offers its customers protection by Lloyd’s of London, a venerable stalwart of the insurance business. (Matt Beasley, a Lloyd’s spokesperson, confirmed the arrangement, but declined to provide further details.) At least three Bitcoin exchanges report high-stakes robberies this month. “It's taken this long for Bitcoin insurance to appear because the insurance industry is fairly conservative and has probably been put off by the negative media coverage around…
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China Documentary Shakes the Markets (again), but the Other way

Update: PBOC press conference mentions Bitcoins   It's kinda odd how the documentaries from the China TV is being treated as government missives. (video autoloads I think) The TL;DR I posted for reddit Its the China government trying to cool off the gamblers and speculators in China from btc (as well as distance themselves from the fallout): 1) Gamer sinks $10k USD into BTC (selling even his prized game account) (buying pretty much at the top and selling at the bottom) --> Parents don't let your kids run…
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First Ever Litecoin Payment Processor: Singapore’s GoCoin

update: added coindesk report via Litecoineer perhaps its about time for the rumored KNC scrypt miner? Singapore has the first payment processor in the world to take Litecoins!!! They are funded by Seedcoin, which organized the bitcoin conference in Singapore. It's on yahoo finance GoCoin First to Enable Merchants to Accept Litecoin on the International Alt-Currency Payment Platform It's Not Just Bitcoin Anymore GoCoin 12 hours ago SINGAPORE--(Marketwired - Jan 10, 2014) -  GoCoin, a leading digital currency payment platform, announced today its ability to accept the alternative…
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Bloomberg’s Bitcoin Matt’s gets Bitrobbed, later bitdonated, Coindesk offers 5 security tips

Basicaly, Matt Miller at Bloomberg who was doing the 12 days of bitcoins bloomberg feature, unknowingly displayed the private key for a bitwallet/bitnote/bitcoin gift certificate on public TV. It was quickly bitnapped by a redditor who offered to return it to Matt, having taught a valuable lesson, a gamely Matt took it in his stride and gave it to the redditor, who promptly donated it to the bitcharity. All's well that ends well. But remember to keep a watch out, coindesk offers 5 bitcoin security tips. Bloomberg anchor…
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Bloomberg Makes Error, Attributing recent AMD ATI cards surge to mining Bitcoins (it should be litecoins)

Want to see litecoin coverage by bloomberg? Ati cards are now actually Litecoin Equipment, instead of Bitcoin which have been superseded by ASICs as the article itself acknowledges. (AMD shares are about usd now as compared to when Litecoin rode the China boom to catch up with Bitcoins) As mentioned here, ATI Radeon 7950s were flying off the shelves and charts! Besides that mistake its a good read! Now you know where the raw materials of the ASICs come from! They also mentioned Overstock, which plans to take…
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Coindesk: Chinese Bitcoin Exchange OKCoin Accused of Faking Trading Data

From Coindesk Chinese Bitcoin Exchange OKCoin Accused of Faking Trading Data OKCoin, once the second largest mainland China-based bitcoin exchange (after BTC China) according to volume, has been accused of faking its trading volume data. The website stopped taking new deposits in the aftermath of the Chinese central bank implementing a ban disallowing banks and third-party payment services from working with bitcoin exchanges, leaving traders temporarily unable to charge their fiat currency accounts or cash out on some exchanges. In the days following rumours of the ban, while…
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