Coindesk (Charmed by Dogecoins) takes Grid Seed G-Blade scrypt ASICs for a spin, mines 100,000 dogecoins in a week

Note that the cost per hash ratio isn't too far from existing graphics cards. As to whether power savings are worth it, you will have to look at phaseouts as more power graphics cards (pirate island and maxwell generations) enter the market along with the next line of scrypt ASICs. But it's great to see Coindesk charmed by dogecoins and mining it My suggestion is dogetips or dogecar! We got our hands on a Gridseed G-Blade miner, one of the first scrypt miners in the market to use…
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How Singapore’s Bitcoin Scene is Punching Above its weight

Singapore is a tiny island state in Asia, a mix of the east and west, but has been making waves in the Bitcoin world. 1) It has the highest density of Bitcoin ATMs in the world There are 8 Bitcoin ATMs in Singapore from 4 different makers (2 of which are from Singapore), and they are all located around the central region. It boasts Asia's first Bitcoin ATM, as well as Asia's first Robocoin (2 way machine with cashing out). This has even led tourists from Czech republic…
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Tomas’ Coinofsale Makes Coindesk!

You've previously seen it here, but Tomas' video is making its rounds worldwide! It has made it to coindesk, which you can see at: The early adopters The part-gallery part-café, Artistry, was the first place in Singapore to roll out Coin of Sale. CAD Café in the trendy Haji Lane was the next to follow suit. Now, more than 12 merchants in Singapore are using Coin of Sale – including a microbrewery, a printer shop and several restaurants and bars. Despite the Singapore government’s regulatory crackdown, Forgac says…
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Chicago Sun Times accepts Bitcoins: Coindesk

Chicago Sun-Times Becomes First Major US Newspaper to Accept Bitcoin The announcement makes the Sun-Times the first US newspaper to accept bitcoin as a payment option, a move that editor in chief Jim Kirk indicated was in line with its digital-first promotional strategy. Said Kirk: “Our goal is to keep the Sun-Times current and evolving with changing technology. Accepting bitcoin payments is one of many ways we are working to stay digitally focused.” The company indicated that it chose to partner with Coinbase as it would offer subscribers…
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Coindesk: Why bitcoin needs ATM and Dogecoin for mass adoption

(Update: Bitcoin seems to have embraced Dogecoin's Nascar!) Dogecoin came on the cryptocurrency scene as a total lark, but its ability to convey a simple message is what has made it such a transformative altcoin, the panelists said. As noted at last week’s Bitconference California, many people who have gotten on the dogecoin bandwagon probably haven’t even touched bitcoin. It’s brought a totally different crowd, especially women and younger people who never have been interested in bitcoin. Said Pierce: “Almost all of the altcoins, with the exception of…
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Dogecoin on Coindesk Feb Roundup (2014)

Doge’s Dinner: East London Burger Stall Accepts Dogecoin Joon Ian Wong (@joonian) | Published on February 10, 2014 at 14:09 GMT | Dogecoin, Lifestyle, Merchants, News But a new vendor is offering something that sets it apart even at the Upmarket: steamed burgers that customers can buy with vendor is BIT Bourbon Steam Burgers, and its been open for two Sundays. Its owner, Oliver Rynkiewicz, contends that his burgers taste better because the beef patties are cooked in a steam oven instead of on a grill. The burgers…
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Bitcoins and Finance Coindesk Roundup

Well this Norman person is quite clearly wrong. Had he any inkling of history, it would have been littered with currencies and experiments where all that is needed for mediums of exchange be mutual agreement. The author did indicate that he was able to see why people are attracted to the idea of a currency without the “alleged recklessness, capriciousness, siphoning and snooping inherent in the traditional financial system”, adding that there “is something” to the idea. Hmm that sounds familiar, oh wait isn't that JP Morgan? “As…
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Bitcoin Roundup Coindesk Feb 2014

Australian Writers Awarded 12 BTC in Bitcoin Essay Competition Jon Southurst (@southtopia) | Published on February 12, 2014 at 11:43 GMT | Events, Exchanges, News Pop-up Pub in London’s Tech City Accepts Bitcoin Kadhim Shubber (@kadhimshubber) | Published on February 12, 2014 at 10:17 GMT | Lifestyle, News, Startups Bitcoin Wins Best Technology Achievement at TechCrunch Awards Nermin Hajdarbegovic | Published on February 11, 2014 at 13:08 GMT | Companies, Events, News, Technology Bitcoin has won the TechCrunch Best Technology Achievement award at the 2013 Crunchies. The 7th…
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Singapore’s Bitcoin Derivative Exchange on Coindesk, brokered $35m (Asia Bitcoin)

Coindesk article on bitcoin derivatives It has brokered 35 million in transactions, leverage is at 10x margins Bitcoin derivatives Derivatives are instruments that allow investors to trade in something indirectly. As the name implies, they are “derived” units of value. As such, derivatives are predicated on the idea that you can manipulate your position towards a security (eg a stock, a bond – or a bitcoin). Singapore-based is currently the most popular platform for doing this. In November,  reported over 2,000 registered users. A recent press release announced that…
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Coindesk: Tigerdirect Top Seller Sapphire Radeon R9 280X VAPOR-X, now Out of Stock

(Amazon has the r7 260x in their golden box at 20% off) Haha, the Sapphire Radeon R9 280X VAPOR-X is the successor to the Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 VAPOR-X which I spammed for my mining rig. Looks like its getting wiped out too, probably increasing Sapphires profit lines. The other one would be MSI. AMD ATI share price actually went up for a while (for about 20% to 30% i think), before going back down. TigerDirect is off to a rolling start. (amazon also looks like its almost…
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