Idealogical battles over bitcoin

Some of the ones trending are the MIT giveaway, the edu acc giveaway, etfs and dark wallets Wired has a lookback at two main players today, blockchain and coinbase, as well as the idealogical divide He wasn’t the only one thinking about bitcoin’s broader potential. On a discussion forum about the currency, Armstrong met Ben Reeves, a British programmer who ran a bitcoin transaction-tracking website called Blockchain. Reeves understood the technology and was well respected within its tight-knit community of enthusiasts. He had been using bitcoin for a…
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How Singapore’s Bitcoin Scene is Punching Above its weight

Singapore is a tiny island state in Asia, a mix of the east and west, but has been making waves in the Bitcoin world. 1) It has the highest density of Bitcoin ATMs in the world There are 8 Bitcoin ATMs in Singapore from 4 different makers (2 of which are from Singapore), and they are all located around the central region. It boasts Asia's first Bitcoin ATM, as well as Asia's first Robocoin (2 way machine with cashing out). This has even led tourists from Czech republic…
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Litecoin Excitement grows on Coinbase and Bitstamp

Litecoin out on Huobi! Coinbase has previously said they would take litecoins should mtgox accept it Now that mtgox has become obsolete, the helm of the western exchange falls next to bitstamp, although some might argue that huobi as the largest exchange in the world has Game of Thrones that. The pressure is definitely on onto coinbase and bitstamp, with competitors snapping at their heels, ANX of HK takes Litecoins and Dogecoins, BTCChina has taken Litecoins, Huobi will be integrating litecoins, payment processor in Singapore Gocoin takes litecoins…
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Big Fish Games now takes Bitcoins

Looks like coinbase has snagged another fish, when will they accept litecoins? Big Fish Games is partnering with Bitcoin wallet provider Coinbase to allow gamers to buy their games and in-game virtual items using the increasingly popular Bitcoin digital currency. “It’s a fun project, and it makes sense,” said Paul Thelen, chief executive of Big Fish, in an interview with GamesBeat. Thelen said that about 8 percent of Big Fish’s gross revenue goes to transaction fees. With Bitcoin, there is no fee for the first $1 million in…
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Bitwall Chicago Sun Times Results: Coinbase

Encouraging Results from BitWall & Chicago Sun-Times Partnership Feb 17th, 2014 In addition to roughly 960,000 consumer wallets and 23,000 merchants on the Coinbase platform, we also have over 4,000 applications that developers have built using the Coinbase API.  It is no secret that the developer community is excited about bitcoin, and our API makes it easy for developers to build bitcoin apps. One of the most promising companies built on our API is BitWall, a content monetization platform that enables publishers to accept bitcoin via paywall. On…
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Overstock and TigerDirect passing cost savings on, Overstock themselves made almost $1mil from bitcoins in sales in first month

It looks like both Tigerdirect and Overstock are able to pass on cost savings to consumers! It sort of reminds me of the coinbase bitpay difference too, with one being a flat rate and the other as 1% Tigerdirect will be giving $20 vouchers while Overstock will give 1% points   TigerDirect Offers $20 Discount for Bitcoin Shoppers Nermin Hajdarbegovic | Published on February 20, 2014 at 15:32 GMT | Merchants The ‘PC Parts Week’ discount applies to bitcoin orders over $100. Users fitting the requirements will get…
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Bitcoin and Financial Entities

Generates $300,000 Monthly Revenue The online wallet website makes about $300,000 each month, according to Roger Ver, who is speaking at the Bitcoin Miami conference 2014. These figures have been confirmed by the @Blockchain twitter account. They make these profits mostly from advertisements on their website, which hosts an online wallet, and a very advanced block explorer. These Angel Investors Want to Make Bitcoin 'Sexy' for Average People January 24, 2014 1:30 PM At the Bitcoin 2013 conference in San Jose, Calif., last May, Michael Terpin noticed something…
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Charlie Lee Miami: Thinks China will crackdown Jan 31, Coinbase waiting for more litecoin exchanges before integration, concentrating bitcoin, says Wow. So Lite. Much Future

Says his brother has a lot on his plate. Doesn't look good on the China end. Says his brother would like to take litecoin, but currently have plate full with china problems with bitcoin Talks about coinbase, says they want to take on litecoin, but require more exchanges. Heartened that many exchanges taking, plus newer ones tend to too. Also coinbase currently concentrating on streamlining and improving existing bitcoin experience. Slide reads: Wow. So Lite. Much Future (a reference to doge)
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Li Ka Shing joins the Bitcoin Party

Li Ka Shing has been said to have entered the Bitcoin scene, investing in BitPay via Horizon Ventures, which is know for its "Facebook, Waze, Skype and Summly" bets. BitPay is similar to Paypal and Coinbase, and has similarly been recipient to substantial and numerous funding. Some say that its due to technology giants wanting to shove a pickaxe into the banking sector famous for vampire squids. Elon Musk has said previously that he had hoped for paypal to do something more, to have challenged the banks. Plenty…
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Zerohedge can’t take their eyes off bitcoin, JP Morgan Chase wants to have its own London Whale Bitcoins

Quite a bit of bitcoin on zerohedge again. From zerohedge If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, copy 'em, and then beat 'em. While everyone's attention has been glued to Bitcoin (and its various smaller and less viable for now alternative digital currencies), JPMorgan has submitted a patent which appears to set the scene for a competing centralized network to Bitcoin. As LetsTalkBitcoin noted first, the "Method and system for processing internet payments using the electronic funds transfer network," states that Chase's technology is a "new paradigm." Moreover…
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