Hearthstone Amazon Coin goes Official!

Update/Warning: looks like Amazon changed the promotion because it was too good, now it's 30% off coins and 10% coinback, a blow from 20% off coins and 50% coinback, Germany and certain other regions may still have the superior old promotion however! It still remains a good deal, just not the incredible one With the new changes, one way would be to stock up on amazon coins with the discount (if you have $40 or $70 to spare) and perhaps wait and see if they revert to a…
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Amazon Hearthstone Deal (Amazon Coins)

The 2016 Amazon November hearthstone deal! It's back in time for Blackrock Mountain exp! Get it while it lasts! Heads up: The 30% promo is back! Get it while it lasts! Back to 10/10 Reddit has a great explanation on how to use Amazon Coins for Hearthstone to get an amazing number of hearthstone packs on the cheap! (ref link) (The limitation being that the Amazon store is an Android store, so you would need an android device that also hearths) Update/Warning: looks like Amazon changed the promotion…
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