Jim Rogers on Bitcoin

Towards the end Q: Have you invested in virtual currencies like Bitcoin? A: No, I never learned enough about it. If I were smart, I would have bought it in the early days when people first told me about it. I still don't know enough about it to invest in it. Q: Do you have no interest in Bitcoin, or because there are so many things to invest in and there is no need to look at it? A: There have always been plenty of great investments around…
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Former JP Morgan Asia CEO arrested by China: Zerohedge

A continuation of the Bloomberg article? Just one day after the FBI issues arrest warrants for 5 Chinese military officials, Caixin reports that Fang Fang - the former CEO of JPMorgan Asia - has been arrested in Hong Kong by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (or anti-graft agency). Coincidental timing we are sure; and while details are sparse, the arrest appears linked to the hiring of the children of Chinese officials. Bloomberg reports that Fang declined to comment after being released on bail (under restrictions not to leave…
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China taking Bitcoin on a dive again makes WSJ MoneyBeat BitBeat

More coverage from Wall Street Journal: - Beijing still seems to matter for the price of bitcoin. Given that Chinese trading in the digital currency has dried up considerably since the government first started cracking down on banks’ interactions with bitcoin businesses in December, you’d think the market’s capacity to be surprised might have similarly dried up. But here we are, once again, with reports of some negative statements by officials at the People’s Bank of China and bitcoin’s international price is down sharply. Specifically, today’s $40 drop is…
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Caixin reports China Central Bank Curbing Bitcoin again, price tumbles, just regular day in Bitcoin world

The Caixin article 比特币交易顶风作案 央行高规格严肃约谈 针对此前比特币交易平台用各种变通方式还在继续交易的做法,央行严肃约谈相关机构,希望引导民众远离比特币等虚拟货币泛滥的交易 Regarding bitcoin exchanges using other methods to circumvent and continue operations, PBOC has strictly talked to related parties, wanting to discourage the populace from engaging in bitcoin activity   And you have bitcoin taking a tumble, again Reddit: Did china just ban bitcoin again? hedgehogyoung 17 points 4 hours ago Yeah. News says PBOC held a serious talk with Chinese banks and payment service providers on April 24, requesting them to stop withdrawal for trading platforms and close accounts completely. ;idx=2&mid=200143905&__biz=MzA5MTI3NzYyNA==  …
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16th Dead Banker: Li Jianhua CBRC, Worldwide epidemic crosses from Hong Kong to China

Update: not a week has passed, and the 17th dead, first female It wasn't that long ago that there was a death in Hong Kong with the jpmorganer, and just a few days from a BNP paribas director being killed in a drive by shooting. It seems like a week doesn't go by without another banker what is happening? Li Jianhua, director of China's Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC), died this morning due to a "sudden heart attack" - he was less than 49 years old. Li was among…
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China Roundup: Housing Bubble, Credit Squeeze, Grim and Complicated, Bitcoin Closures, Water Runs

The business environment this year has been “grim and complicated” as lenders face pressures on asset quality, liquidity and lending margins, China Huarong Asset Management Co. Chairman Lai Xiaomin said during an internal meeting on April 15, according to a statement today on the website of the Beijing-based company. “The economic indicators we’ve seen so far are quite disappointing and repayment risks are rising across sectors from property to small businesses due to weak demand,” Rainy Yuan, a Shanghai-based analyst at Masterlink Securities Corp., said by phone. “Banks…
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Coin of Sale’s Tomas Forgac and Rajah and Tann’s Rajesh Sreenivasan at CNA on China Bitcoin

Coin of Sale's Tomas Forgac and Rajah and Tann's Rajesh Sreenivasan at CNA on China Bitcoin Coin of Sale is a point of sales solution for bitcoin and Rajah and Tann is one of the domestic Big 4 law firms for Singapore Tomas talks about the resilience of bitcoin, and Rajesh emphasises the need to engage with the global phenomenon that is bitcoin, that one cannot ignore it and hope that it will go away, for a technology that is growing incredibly popular not keeping pace would lead…
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BTC China has set up China’s first Bitcoin ATM in Shanghai Mall: Shanghaiist

This should be the lamassu from the press conference, but you can see the advertising for the virtual mobile Picasso. "ATM itself is located at a mall coffee shop in Shanghai's Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park" "The machine was lightly used during a visit by Reuters, with just one client appearing to use it, but cafe manager Cheng Mengyao said she had seen a steady stream of customers use the machine for small transactions since it was installed." Anyone in Shanghai to take a look and give a live look…
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China Credit Cracks Property, Li Ka Shing gets out of dodge, gets into Dogecoin?

It has been out for a while that Li Ka Shing had been dumping his property holdings in Hong Kong and Singapore, divesting them to then transfer proceeds into buying Taiwan and Japan. Now, Beijing, and the whole china, appears to his next step in getting out of dodge in China's Massive Shadow Banking, Credit and Property bubble. (Much of Li Ka Shing's fortune was amassed through property plays) Zerohedge: Now, you’d think that a major credit crunch with far-reaching consequences in the world’s second largest economy, its…
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Asian Bitcoin exuberance sends price skyrocketing 50% from $339 lows, as China’s deadline passes with new bitcoin ATM launches

On Asian time, the working day has ended with Bitcoin exchanges seeming to have survived once more to fight another day. It has been a regular roller coaster for bitcoin on China news. Undaunted, Btcchina has launched its physical atm lamassu and virtual atm picasso. Relieved people probably plowed back in, but one should be careful not to put any more than they can afford to lose (David at CNBC). WSJ Bitbeat has also picked up on April 15. Bitcoin prices continue to recover from the China-induced selloff.…
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