BTC China releases bitcoin ATM braving April 15th deadline (translations)

BTC China has launched their bitcoin atm, on april 15th, one of the ever so often D day for china bitcoin companies (and all the china issues). They are using a Lamassu China's first bitcoin ATM, are you prepared? 发布会后,将开启ATM试用活动,小伙伴们,比特币地址二维码和纸币,都准备好了吗? #比特币中国415发布会# After the press conference, about to start the ATM for use, my friends, are your QR Codes and paper wallets prepared? ◆◆ @比特币中国 比特币中国ATM新品发布会10:00准时开始,微直播倒计时~~!我们很荣幸邀请到了众多媒体、业内名人和微博大V到场;欢迎大家参加,地点:上海IC咖啡;别忘了门口签到,有精美礼品赠送~~~ #比特币中国415发布会# Btcchina ATM (new product) will start at 10am, we are very honored to invite people from the media, bitcoiners and weibo VIPs.…
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Silk Road couldn’t kill Bitcoin, can China?

It seems like the days of December all over again. After taking Bitcoin to spectacular highs, the government of China had finally stepped in to put the curfew to the party. Tomorrow in April (April 15), it looks to be an ongoing repeat telecast, except for a bitcoin battered from the collapse of mtgox (and an ongoing Neo & Bee saga) Gizmodo had last year put an article on What will kill Bitcoin first? Almost exactly two years ago, Wired published a feature about Bitcoin, comparing the cryptocurrency…
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Btcchina now has btc-ltc conversion, Drops fees to free to match Huobi

Litecoin out on Huobi! Dear Customers, On March 4th, BTC China welcomed a new member – Litecoin, which quickly gained in popularity. And today, we would like to share some exciting news with you: 1. Added a brand new trading method: Using BTC to buy/sell LTC. Now you can: Use Bitcoins to buy Litecoins Sell Litecoins to get Bitcoins All transactions are calculated by Bitcoins Advantages: One-stop service for all trading Funding BTC has never been easier Overseas customers can trade on our platform without having to open…
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Bitcoin and Financial Entities

Generates $300,000 Monthly Revenue The online wallet website makes about $300,000 each month, according to Roger Ver, who is speaking at the Bitcoin Miami conference 2014. These figures have been confirmed by the @Blockchain twitter account. They make these profits mostly from advertisements on their website, which hosts an online wallet, and a very advanced block explorer. These Angel Investors Want to Make Bitcoin 'Sexy' for Average People January 24, 2014 1:30 PM At the Bitcoin 2013 conference in San Jose, Calif., last May, Michael Terpin noticed something…
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Charlie Lee Miami: Thinks China will crackdown Jan 31, Coinbase waiting for more litecoin exchanges before integration, concentrating bitcoin, says Wow. So Lite. Much Future

Says his brother has a lot on his plate. Doesn't look good on the China end. Says his brother would like to take litecoin, but currently have plate full with china problems with bitcoin Talks about coinbase, says they want to take on litecoin, but require more exchanges. Heartened that many exchanges taking, plus newer ones tend to too. Also coinbase currently concentrating on streamlining and improving existing bitcoin experience. Slide reads: Wow. So Lite. Much Future (a reference to doge)
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The Rise and Fall, then perhaps rebirth of BTCChina?

Breaking News: RPS reports that the $38,000 USD flaming pink puppy has lost almost 90% of its value to $4000 As is well known, for a long period, BTCChina had been the top dog in the China bitcoin scene and had the highest volume in the world (and price), surpassing Mtgox of the west (French owned, Japan based, but dealing mainly with western clients) and BTC-E (the Russian mystery). It attracted its now CEO Bobby Lee (Brother of Litecoin and Coinbase's Charles Lee) to leave Walmart (his previous…
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BTCChina’s New Year updates

Seems like BTCChina has sent out quite a few emails. More announcements from them regarding their BTCC Voucher funding mechanism it looks. reddit seems to have found a link and some taobao example (note of cos the taobao announcements and ban) No, it's not a card, it's a number sold on Taobao as a virtual product for use with an online "game". You have to enter your ID card number to prove you're 18, as minors are restricted from purchasing gaming virtual products by rule of the Ministry…
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Taiwan and Bitcoins, Wayi’s Wmall to support Bitcoins 2014

Another reminder that close to China, besides hong kong there is also taiwan who has its own infrastructure! Wayi's Wmall plans to support bitcoins in 2014. (HK has its Li Ka Shing for bitcoins) Also a taiwan media article on bitcoin companies thriving in china. It talks about the different exchanges such as huobi, btcchina and okcoin. China now has close to 10 bitcoin trading platforms, the more influential of which are BTC China, BTC Trade, Huobi and OKcoin. BTC China secured a loan in the middle of…
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Coindesk: Chinese Bitcoin Exchange OKCoin Accused of Faking Trading Data

From Coindesk Chinese Bitcoin Exchange OKCoin Accused of Faking Trading Data OKCoin, once the second largest mainland China-based bitcoin exchange (after BTC China) according to volume, has been accused of faking its trading volume data. The website stopped taking new deposits in the aftermath of the Chinese central bank implementing a ban disallowing banks and third-party payment services from working with bitcoin exchanges, leaving traders temporarily unable to charge their fiat currency accounts or cash out on some exchanges. In the days following rumours of the ban, while…
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Before Yellen, Zerohedge on bitcoin crash and PBOC DDOS retaliation

for those wondering about the chinese statement, they basically finger bitcoin hackers as the ones who took down PBOC site (with DDOS) and also their weibo, and that the hackers are foreign. They take this to be retaliation for the PBOC regulations causing the selloff in cryptocoin markets, and are fixing their sites in the meantime. 央行网站疑遭比特币玩家攻击 2013-12-18 18:13:02  有0人参与 分享到 中国人民银行网站和微博今日同时被黑,网站间歇性打不开,新浪微博@央行微播 评论冲入大量比特币水军,传来自国外,估计与今日央行监管比特币造成其市场大跌有关。央行相关人士表示网站正在修复。 央行日前约谈国内第三方支付公司,明确要求关闭比特币、莱特币等交易通道。受此打击,比特币价格大跌。有分析称,比特币或将退出中国市场。 此前12月5日,央行发布《关于防范比特币风险的通知》(下称《通知》),不承认比特币的合法地位,比特币价格随即大跌。 The china source: From Zerohedge Bitcoin Crashes After China Bans New Deposits; PBOC Gets DDOSed In Retaliation Yesterday it was the US Treasury's Financial…
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