Thomson Reuters Eikon adds Bitcoin

Following Bloomberg, Yahoo and Google Finance, Thomson Reuter's Bloomberg terminal competitor Eikon has also added bitcoin Their press statement: Take advantage of the Bitcoin market with BitStamp USD rates in Thomson Reuters Eikon Posted in Seek More · 4 Aug 2014 In response to strong customer demand, bitcoin/ USD prices from the BitStamp exchange have been added to Thomson Reuters Eikon. Traded rates and volumes as well as top of book quotes are all now available for you to act before the market moves While the size of…
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Bloomberg: Law professor, most bitcoiners pay taxes, bitcoin tax evasion not huge issue

University of Florida Law professor talks bitcoins and taxes. He believes most bitcoiners pay taxes and that tax evasion using bitcoins is not a huge issue.   April 14 (Bloomberg) -- University of Florida Assistant Law Professor Omri Marian discusses potential tax abuses using Bitcoin. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg) How do you use bitcoin as a tax haven? Bitcoin has all the necessary qualifications for a tax haven. The jurisdiction does not impose taxes because it is cyberspace. It maintains the anonymity…
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Bloomberg: Bitcoin is smart bet, Napster comparisons, Draper believes Bitcoin will survive, likens to internet

Napster comparisons to bitcoin, Draper instead compares it to the internet. Drapers has some bitcoin, and investments in a number of bitcoin companies Includes manning a bitcoin atm A lot less volatile than the currency in Argentina. Bitcoin will "feel stable" Iceland Auroracoin He has Draper coin at draper university Reddit: April 15 (Bloomberg) -- Draper Fisher Jurvetson Founding Partner Tim Draper discusses his tech investment ideas on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg) Bloomberg autogenerated transcript I want to ask you, which of the areas in…
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Bitcoin Mining resembles Gold Mining in lean times? Bloomberg on Bitcoin ASICs, Zerohedge follows, gets AMD right, Litecoin Wrong, veers on newsweeky

Zerohedge got the AMD cards correct, but of course they may soon be surpassed by the Maxwell before pirate islands come around again, passing the "buck" of mining. (Bloomberg has previously confused the two, as well as newegg) They've made a fundamental mistake however, in having no basic understanding of scrypt and sha256. Bitcoin ASIC miners cannot be used for mining Litecoins. It makes the subsequent leap of logic almost as "newsweeky". Even granting the assumption, and giving him/her magic mining machines, it would be moving your Caterpillar…
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Bloomberg, Newsweek and Satoshi, Bayesian

WSJ: Newsweek Chief admits to intentionally creating controversy, expects print run of 70,000 to sell out, calls it 'Deep Reporting' () submitted 7 hours ago by AmericanBitcoin ;url=http%3A%2F% Newsweek's editor in chief Jim Impoco has a simple formula for turning around the moribund newsweekly: Focus on "deep reporting" and investigative stories. "You create your own weather if you must," he said in an interview Friday. And for its first print edition after a 14-month hiatus, Newsweek created a veritable storm. Its story about bitcoin's purported founder sparked a…
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China First Domestic Corporate Bond Default: zerohedge, bloomberg

Added bloombergs The company said on March 4 it will only be able to pay 4 million yuan ($653,990) of an million yuan coupon due today on the notes. Chaori Solar may become China’s own “Bear Stearns moment,” prompting investors to reassess credit risks as they did after the securities firm was rescued in 2008, according to Bank of America Corp. “We may see other bonds default this year,” said Li Ning, a bond analyst in Shanghai at Haitong Securities Co., the nation’s second-biggest brokerage. “If it’s a…
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Bloomberg Market Makers Blockchain “big” announcement: full bitcoin acquisition of rtbtc under zeroblock, rtbtc real time trading hit $150m volume, bitcoin prices drop

Nicolas Cary blockchain ceo bloomberg acquisition blockchain market movers Redditors are not impressed Zeroblock trading platform WetTurd 7 points 16 minutes ago Wow, what a let down permalink save report give gold reply di0genetic 5 points 13 minutes ago Complete let-down. Why the fuck would I pay a monthly fee to trade when I can do it for free directly on the exchanges they use? permalink save parent report give gold reply Aahzmundus 3 points 11 minutes ago especially when you consider there are some better charting tools…
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Bitcoin crosses 700 on Ukraine concerns, Bloomberg and Market Maker Bitcoin rumors

Took out 700 for a high of 710 before retracing down Blockchain CEO: "Some big news dropping tomorrow". Mentions Bloomberg and MarketMakers. () submitted 3 hours ago by jxlarrea thecodyshow 32 points 1 hour ago bloomberg will link charts directly to their site AndyAwesome 28 points 3 hours ago I would guess that Bloomberg will start to provide a Bitcoin datafeed on their Bloomberg Professional terminals, and maybe they will use Blockchain as their datasource? Since Bloomberg is a financial data apaprocki 2 points 33 minutes ago Just…
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Bloomberg Bitcoin Unicorn “unboxing” (Asia Edition)

This is a followup from the previous bloomberg bitcoin unicorn article, I managed to get one from the newsstand, but there wasn't any that took bitcoins in Singapore (yet). Or litecoins (gocoin). Would be cool if I could buy this for bitcoins. The article didnt answer its own question as it was more on the mining arms race, but flipping back to page 17 it certainly did: Less young people use banks. (This is the Asia edition)
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