Tomas Forgac on Channel News Asia, in Singapore, Asia, Greg Unsworth thinks governments will lose control of monetary policy if virtual currencies become massive

Tomas does bitcoin point of sales for the bitcoin community in Singapore and has been an active proponent. He talks about how bitcoin take up in Singapore has changed, and has been getting more prevalent. Greg Unsworth & Tomas Forgac Greg Unsworth hails from Price Waterhouse Coopers Singapore. He believes in a currency for the online world, which classical systems have not been able to achieve. Thinks governments will lose control of monetary policy if virtual currencies become massive (takes over on a massive scale) The clip is…
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Bitcoin POS has rebranded to Coin of Sale, Singapore, Asia

Post by Bitcoin Singapore. Tomas Forgac, who has been doing bitcoin point of sales solution in Singapore for free as well as making advances in bitcoin acceptance in Singapore (and appearing on TV, Channel News Asia), has rebranded his point of sales system as well as a premium component. His website can be found at FEATURED IN "We have been testing Coin Of Sale in one of our outlets for a month now and are so happy with it, that we're rolling it out to others as well"-…
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High Frequency Trading Meets Bitcoin, Perseus Telecom partners Singapore-California Gocoin payment gateway

I disagree with HFTs and HFT algos, but they were already that and it was a matter of time before more came in. More flash crashes incoming I guess, the plus side is the relative paucity of derivatives for paper stuffing and quote stuffing. To me, this is bad news, but YMMV Coindesk however suggests that Perseus isn't in for High frequency trading, but is mainly through online legal gambling casinos etc as a means of streamlining costs structures. Not too fond of that either but I think…
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Bitcoin in the East, Asia, Singapore, Katong 112

I had heard that Archie Kucherenko had managed to set up some POS at some shops in the east. The last time I met him I think he was telling me that he had some Point of Sales plans, as well as some plans to bring in a bitcoin atm to Singapore. His startup was called bitcoinpapa, and has recently received funding as well as a rename at Congrats! I think having bitcoin takeup in the east is quite helpful since currently they are centered towards the city…
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Singapore Bitcoin Taxation Update: IRAS Circular, Virtual Currencies for Virtual Goods and Services in Games NO GST until real

Update: new rules AMLTF bitcoin intermediary regulations incoming for singapore h/t xr emphasis added #sale_of_virtual_currency Sale of virtual currency New! Virtual currencies ( Bitcoins) are not considered as ‘money’, ‘currency’ or ‘goods’ for GST purposes. Instead, the supply of virtual currency is treated as a supply of services, which does not qualify for GST exemption. Businesses that buy goods or services using virtual currencies If you use virtual currencies to pay for goods or services, the transaction will be considered as a barter trade. There are two supplies…
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Further Singapore Clarifications on Bitcoin Double Taxation

Looks like double taxation is the current standard for the normal brick and mortars. The plus side is that they need to hit $1million in revenue, which may not actually be reached in a low volume high margin business. F&Bs doing well may take a hit from this however. Businesses need to register for GST if they make more than $1 million in taxable turnover in the previous four quarters, or expect such a turnover in the next 12 months. ;utm_medium=web A taxing matter for bitcoin Share on…
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Singapore takes hands off approach to Bitcoins

Singapore's MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) has decided to take a hands off approach to Bitcoins in Singapore. It will not be regulated. It has also since issued tax guidelines. The Bitcoin scene has been rather active in Singapore, from appearances and interviews on Channel News Asia, to the Bitcoin Conference to being the pit stop for the Bitcoin World Tour. From Techinasia: Singapore government decides not to interfere with Bitcoin The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the country’s central bank, has decided not to intervene on whether…
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Eating Codfish at Bitcoin Convention Singapore Conference 2013: Believing in Bitcoin doesn’t mean believing in its high price

Believing in Bitcoin doesn't mean believing in its high price Today, we are all looking at China, but what about Africa? Alexis and Hakim, organisers of the event as well as cofounders of seedcoin a bitcoin incubator. Hakim is also the founder of dealcoin, an IPO in bitcoins. So I had previously went for a bitcoin meet up where the guests of honor were the life on bitcoin couple,  where Alexis made his pitch for the bitcoin conference 2013 Singapore at the Fullerton Hotel. I do believe this…
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Have Bitcoin, will Travel, local english and chinese coverage on Life on Bitcoin’s Bitcoin World Tour and final pitstop in Singapore and roundup

(want to read about the bitcoin conference in Singapore?) Just a few days ago on the friday that has passed (1st of November), the Craig couple (or bitcoin couple) have spent the past 100 days, crossing continents, countries, sovereigns, jurisdictions without spending dollars or fiat. They've made their way from Utah, America to Stockholm, Sweden to Berlin, Germany to Singapore, Singapore. The bitcoin couple's blog: The kickstarter was to pay for the film crew, where they will be handling the documentary of their pretty incredible journey. Proof of…
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