Jim Rogers on Bitcoin

Towards the end Q: Have you invested in virtual currencies like Bitcoin? A: No, I never learned enough about it. If I were smart, I would have bought it in the early days when people first told me about it. I still don't know enough about it to invest in it. Q: Do you have no interest in Bitcoin, or because there are so many things to invest in and there is no need to look at it? A: There have always been plenty of great investments around…
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Marc Faber: Bitcoin has its merits since you may not be able to carry gold across border (but picks gold: Squawkonomics)

Epic scoop by squawkonomics on Marc Faber's take on bitcoins and gold (Marc Faber is from gloom and doom report fame, or Dr Doom) Squawkonomics was in Thailand at Marc Faber's office to conduct the interviews as well as a few others (they were previous with imaginary markets here in Singapore)  
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Has Numoni exited Bitcoin?

There had been rumors that numoni bitcoin ATMs in Malaysia were pulled. Now, in Singapore, it seems that the numoni bitcoin atms that were rolled out no longer dispenses bitcoin but are telco topup machines. A search on their site also reveals no trace of bitcoin. Was it over-congestion of 8 atms in a city? Or perhaps something else?  
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Coinpip 37coins SMS bitcoin wallet tieup on Techinasia

Coinpip is one of the two payment solutions in Singapore. It also has a presence in Hong Kong, and focuses on Asia. (Coinofsale has just "landed" in Bangkok) Daniel Tay at Techinasia The authorities have always feared the unknown, with governments and major banks opposing and seeking to regulate Bitcoin. But enthusiasts seem to remain unfazed. Case in point: Singapore Bitcoin payments system startup CoinPip has just brought US-based 37coins’ SMS bitcoin wallets to Singapore. The Bitcoin point-of-sales company hopes to then expand throughout Asia thereafter, starting with…
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Bitcoin Rise in Singapore, Lowercase

Rise Bitcoin took place at Singapore's Lasalle's Lowercase, a picturesque place in the heart of the city. It featured speakers from HK, and popped over to Singapore to share and introduce newcomers to bitcoin. Tomas, the organiser, also provided the point of sales solution to most of the merchants there (coinofsale) This event is different in more ways than one, as it catered mainly to newcomers. The timing was in the early afternoon, a change from the usual evening time bitcoin meetup events. The crowd was very different,…
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Timeout Singapore covers Bitcoin Bars and Cafes

The scene in Singapore is growing! They went about 5 cafes and bars to look at their bitcoin acceptance and their experiences more at First published on 18 Mar 2014. Updated on 19 Mar 2014. Ah bitcoins! The currency of the internet (some say the future) and the tender of choice for the hip and modern-minded. Are you an early adaptor? Didn’t lose bitcoins to the Mt Gox debacle. Lucky you, you tech-savvy thing. If the news of Singapore receiving its first bitcoin ATM was music to your…
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What is Bitcoin in Doodles

Transcript What is bitcoin? it is an electronic ledger not unlike paypal or visa, but without the red tape and bureaucracy. Just like how the internet allowed for email and instantaneous worldwide communication instead of using ships and pigeons, bitcoin allows value to be transferred instantaneously around the world it is a currency without any country, a form of money with wings numbers in the ledger is created and maintained through the process of mining, where computers around the world race to solve complicated equations to verify transactions…
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Coinrepublic launches Singapore Bitcoin Merchants Listings Directory

you can see it over at coin republic currently: UP Diners (Unusual Palate) Bitcoin Accepting Restaurants, Cafes and Bars in Singapore | | April 25, 2014 Mon-Fri 8am-9pm Sun 830am-330pm Phone: 6604-7998 * Excellent Tom Yum Soup! 4 total views, 0 today Eclat Office Club: Bitcoin Cash-In ATM Bitcoin ATMs and Vending Machines in Singapore | | April 25, 2014 Tembusu Cash In Vending Machine Creates a paper wallet. Fee Estimate: 5% above Coinbase Mon - Fri: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm, but 4 total views, 0 today…
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