Japan Bitcoin Update

Japan is undergoing some changes to bitcoin treatment It seems that their focus is more on AML and Drugs, and seems to be okay with bitcoins as itself Japan's government will redesignate bitcoin as a form of "value-added electronic record" similar to credit card transactions, as part of a series of measures to monitor illegal deals made using the digital currency. Kyodo News International, citing government and ruling party officials, reported that Japan is planning to crack down on illicit bitcoin trades amid fears that crime organisations have…
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Japan’s First Bitcoin ATM up, joining Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong and China

I heard that Bitcoin and cryptocoin took up a whole 12 pages in the Nikkei Times! (Was on Japan TV NHK) Looks like Japan is well on its way, for bitcoining in asia! So they join Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong and China To the moon! Nation’s first bitcoin ATM fired up in Mie SUZUKA, MIE PREF. – Japan’s first bitcoin ATM was unveiled at an event in Suzuka, Mie Prefecture, on Friday, allowing customers to buy the virtual currency or withdraw cash from their online bitcoin accounts. The…
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Imaginary Markets: I’m on NHK! Bitcoin is Alive and Well in Singapore

You can see the video here at: Couldn't find an embed code. The news should have aired in China during evening primetime in a bitcoin world feature, this one is really quite positive on bitcoin compared to some of the other media coverage out there! Bitcoin is indeed Alive and Well in Singapore (pending future regulatory whirlwinds or "worldwinds" of course) It's a good worthwhile 4 minutes! The segment covered the prevalence of bitcoin ATMs in Singapore, as well as retailers taking the plunge into bitcoining, as well…
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Bitcoin: Mtgox on the mend on reddit rumors of successful withdrawals, pops from $90 low to test $290, lifts other exchanges along, “goxcoin”

(h/t cj) The much lambasted mtgox has jumped back into the 200s after falling from 3 digits to 2 digits following the transaction malleability incident, the first update of stuff not fixed, and the second update of the update that stuff still was not fixed. Prices have fired up however with a reddit thread that shows successful withdrawals from mtgox going through, indicating that it may be possible that there is some sort of unclogging. (perhaps mtgox will survive another near death again?) Be careful though! It may…
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