Singapore getting Lamassu Bitcoin ATM, Bitcoin Exchange: My Paper Top Story, 我报, Singapore, Asia

Update: The site for the Lamassu has been changed from to Singapore getting Lamassu Bitcoin ATM, Bitcoin Exchange: My Paper, 我报, Singapore, Asia It even gets its spot as a top story! (there is a local exchange however, maybe Ms Kwan made a mistake) Published on Feb 03, 2014 S'pore set to get its first bitcoin ATM JACQUELINE WOO SINGAPOREANS will be able to swop their physical dollars for virtual bitcoin when the first automated teller machine for the cryptocurrency lands here next month. Home-grown company Bitcoin Exchange,…
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Bitcoin in the East, Asia, Singapore, Katong 112

I had heard that Archie Kucherenko had managed to set up some POS at some shops in the east. The last time I met him I think he was telling me that he had some Point of Sales plans, as well as some plans to bring in a bitcoin atm to Singapore. His startup was called bitcoinpapa, and has recently received funding as well as a rename at Congrats! I think having bitcoin takeup in the east is quite helpful since currently they are centered towards the city…
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Hong Kong shrugs off Chinese New Year woes, Doles out BTC, Reddit goes wild over “Hot Asian Chicks giving out free bitcoin”, ANX makes it to SCMP

update: even made it to japan news ANX giving out bitcoin angbaos all over hong kong despite the imminent 31st january deadline. My source told me one of the angbao is mbtc, so about usd, ( btc) thx zw There's a mbtc angbao photo from the reddit, so I guess it varies also in straits times: Apparently ANX now has direct australian banking too Official photos of event ;type=3 ANX facebook page itinerary, haha a bit early for lankwaifong tho Thank you for all your supports!! We will…
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Singapore Bitcoin Taxation Update: IRAS Circular, Virtual Currencies for Virtual Goods and Services in Games NO GST until real

Update: new rules AMLTF bitcoin intermediary regulations incoming for singapore h/t xr emphasis added #sale_of_virtual_currency Sale of virtual currency New! Virtual currencies ( Bitcoins) are not considered as ‘money’, ‘currency’ or ‘goods’ for GST purposes. Instead, the supply of virtual currency is treated as a supply of services, which does not qualify for GST exemption. Businesses that buy goods or services using virtual currencies If you use virtual currencies to pay for goods or services, the transaction will be considered as a barter trade. There are two supplies…
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CCTV (china central television) international covers Bitcoin takeup in Hong Kong (it’s in english)

It's in English, since its the international channel for CCTV Talks about Hong Kong trying to become bitcoin capital of the world despite restrictions in Mainland. A guzheng academy that takes bitcoins in the eastern part of HK. Customers in Silicon Valley. 15%-20% to become 30% of her takings, to her bitcoin is quick, no fees, and very convenient Interviews another person doing a bitcoin trading platform, phd and degree in engineering. Cloud system stores data in US. Talks about mainland restrictions, such as alibaba. Talks about the…
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Singapore releases MONEYSENSE Advisory on Bitcoins, Features Litecoin, namecoin

Singapore has been quite active in its bitcoin advisory and guidance of late! (singapore bitcoin double taxation, IRAS on virtual currency, MAS) good to see litecoin being mentioned too! (they also mention namecoin, they also talk about cvcs such as liberty reserve) Virtual Currencies What are virtual currencies and their purposes? Virtual currencies (“VCs”) are non-physical stores of value that can be exchanged for goods and services at places that accept them. For instance, one may be able to use VCs as payment at online stores and even…
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Bloomberg Bitcoin Unicorn “unboxing” (Asia Edition)

This is a followup from the previous bloomberg bitcoin unicorn article, I managed to get one from the newsstand, but there wasn't any that took bitcoins in Singapore (yet). Or litecoins (gocoin). Would be cool if I could buy this for bitcoins. The article didnt answer its own question as it was more on the mining arms race, but flipping back to page 17 it certainly did: Less young people use banks. (This is the Asia edition)
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Bitcoin Vietnam

Bitcoin is going geographies! Looks like it is in its early phase in vietnam. 1000 Bitcoin would be about a million in usd however, which will probably fetch quite a bit in vietnam Bitcoin has arrived in Vietnam VietNamNet Bridge – A notice appeared on a website, called the “forum for the parents,” last week: “Bitcoin accepted here,” with the symbol showing that bitcoin is the acceptable payment currency.     This is the first and the only company in Vietnam accepting the payment in bitcoin so far.…
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