Coin of Sale’s Tomas Forgac and Rajah and Tann’s Rajesh Sreenivasan at CNA on China Bitcoin

Coin of Sale's Tomas Forgac and Rajah and Tann's Rajesh Sreenivasan at CNA on China Bitcoin Coin of Sale is a point of sales solution for bitcoin and Rajah and Tann is one of the domestic Big 4 law firms for Singapore Tomas talks about the resilience of bitcoin, and Rajesh emphasises the need to engage with the global phenomenon that is bitcoin, that one cannot ignore it and hope that it will go away, for a technology that is growing incredibly popular not keeping pace would lead…
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David on CNBC Street Signs on Bitcoin, Asia, Singapore and China

David runs the coin brokerage , as well as working with bitcoiniacs at the Robocoin in Bartini in Singapore. It's popular for bitcoin tourists it seems. David talks about the risk inherent, don't invest beyond what you are comfortable with losing. That said, the technology is brilliant, antifragile, and doesn't need bank bailouts. Btc china's atm is out today in china. China's influence on bitcoin
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Silk Road couldn’t kill Bitcoin, can China?

It seems like the days of December all over again. After taking Bitcoin to spectacular highs, the government of China had finally stepped in to put the curfew to the party. Tomorrow in April (April 15), it looks to be an ongoing repeat telecast, except for a bitcoin battered from the collapse of mtgox (and an ongoing Neo & Bee saga) Gizmodo had last year put an article on What will kill Bitcoin first? Almost exactly two years ago, Wired published a feature about Bitcoin, comparing the cryptocurrency…
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Tembusu Terminals Take $300k Funding, $5 million valuation (sgd), (this is asia’s first bitcoin atm)

They really like the scribd press releases Tembusu Terminals is the first Asian Bitcoin ATM launched, and as gravy on top also a Singapore made and designed ATM. (Press Release 11 March 2014) Tembusu Terminals closes million valuation seed round in record time. Tembusu Terminals is proud to announce that they have closed their seed funding round in record time after being valued at over million Singapore Dollars. The seed funding raised amount to over 300,000 Singapore Dollars, and will form the bulk of the working capital required for the fledgling…
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What is Going on in China? Why is China gobbling up all the Bitcoins?

Open up fiatleak and let it run for a while, you will see everything is going to china Almost 97% of bitcoin activity in a 2 hour period had gone into China. Is this institutional and government activity in China? Will they be doing to Bitcoin what they did for Gold prices, taking it down so they can buy more at low prices in anticipation of the endgame? Mt Gox exchange shutdown sparks Chinese bitcoin gold rush Chinese investors rushed to buy bitcoin, seeing it as potentially undervalued,…
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Singapore’s Bitcoin Derivative Exchange on Coindesk, brokered $35m (Asia Bitcoin)

Coindesk article on bitcoin derivatives It has brokered 35 million in transactions, leverage is at 10x margins Bitcoin derivatives Derivatives are instruments that allow investors to trade in something indirectly. As the name implies, they are “derived” units of value. As such, derivatives are predicated on the idea that you can manipulate your position towards a security (eg a stock, a bond – or a bitcoin). Singapore-based is currently the most popular platform for doing this. In November,  reported over 2,000 registered users. A recent press release announced that…
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Singapore getting Lamassu Bitcoin ATM, Bitcoin Exchange: My Paper Top Story, 我报, Singapore, Asia

Update: The site for the Lamassu has been changed from to Singapore getting Lamassu Bitcoin ATM, Bitcoin Exchange: My Paper, 我报, Singapore, Asia It even gets its spot as a top story! (there is a local exchange however, maybe Ms Kwan made a mistake) Published on Feb 03, 2014 S'pore set to get its first bitcoin ATM JACQUELINE WOO SINGAPOREANS will be able to swop their physical dollars for virtual bitcoin when the first automated teller machine for the cryptocurrency lands here next month. Home-grown company Bitcoin Exchange,…
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Bitcoin in the East, Asia, Singapore, Katong 112

I had heard that Archie Kucherenko had managed to set up some POS at some shops in the east. The last time I met him I think he was telling me that he had some Point of Sales plans, as well as some plans to bring in a bitcoin atm to Singapore. His startup was called bitcoinpapa, and has recently received funding as well as a rename at Congrats! I think having bitcoin takeup in the east is quite helpful since currently they are centered towards the city…
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Hong Kong shrugs off Chinese New Year woes, Doles out BTC, Reddit goes wild over “Hot Asian Chicks giving out free bitcoin”, ANX makes it to SCMP

update: even made it to japan news ANX giving out bitcoin angbaos all over hong kong despite the imminent 31st january deadline. My source told me one of the angbao is mbtc, so about usd, ( btc) thx zw There's a mbtc angbao photo from the reddit, so I guess it varies also in straits times: Apparently ANX now has direct australian banking too Official photos of event ;type=3 ANX facebook page itinerary, haha a bit early for lankwaifong tho Thank you for all your supports!! We will…
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