Bitcoin Rise in Singapore, Lowercase

Rise Bitcoin took place at Singapore's Lasalle's Lowercase, a picturesque place in the heart of the city. It featured speakers from HK, and popped over to Singapore to share and introduce newcomers to bitcoin. Tomas, the organiser, also provided the point of sales solution to most of the merchants there (coinofsale) This event is different in more ways than one, as it catered mainly to newcomers. The timing was in the early afternoon, a change from the usual evening time bitcoin meetup events. The crowd was very different,…
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Timeout Singapore covers Bitcoin Bars and Cafes

The scene in Singapore is growing! They went about 5 cafes and bars to look at their bitcoin acceptance and their experiences more at First published on 18 Mar 2014. Updated on 19 Mar 2014. Ah bitcoins! The currency of the internet (some say the future) and the tender of choice for the hip and modern-minded. Are you an early adaptor? Didn’t lose bitcoins to the Mt Gox debacle. Lucky you, you tech-savvy thing. If the news of Singapore receiving its first bitcoin ATM was music to your…
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Bitcoin startups Coinplug, Korbit in Techinasia South Korea writeup

Good to see South Korea giving bitcoin the nod Coinplug made the 2 way atm, that runs in the coex cafe sedona, which also takes bitcoins Nathan Millard from BeSuccess talks about South Korea burgeoning startup scene CoinPlug is a Korean Bitcoin startup that is seeing rapid growth. The company has raised its second round of funding from Silicon Valley venture capitalists in less than six months. The company operates a bitcoin exchange, and has now released its first bitcoin ATM in Korea’s biggest shopping mall, COEX, and…
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What is Dogecoin? In Doodles

What is Dogecoin? Dogecoin is the cheerful, upbeat and easygoing cousin of bitcoin. It was created one upon a time when Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus added litecoin and moon dust to a shiba inu. it has made news for its lightheartedness and altruism, being involved in many global charitable events. instead of paying exorbitant fees to credit cards, people pay power companies by mining on their home computers to tip people on reddit or donate to charity. it has sent the jamaican bobsled team to the sochi…
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What is Bitcoin in Doodles

Transcript What is bitcoin? it is an electronic ledger not unlike paypal or visa, but without the red tape and bureaucracy. Just like how the internet allowed for email and instantaneous worldwide communication instead of using ships and pigeons, bitcoin allows value to be transferred instantaneously around the world it is a currency without any country, a form of money with wings numbers in the ledger is created and maintained through the process of mining, where computers around the world race to solve complicated equations to verify transactions…
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Coinrepublic launches Singapore Bitcoin Merchants Listings Directory

you can see it over at coin republic currently: UP Diners (Unusual Palate) Bitcoin Accepting Restaurants, Cafes and Bars in Singapore | | April 25, 2014 Mon-Fri 8am-9pm Sun 830am-330pm Phone: 6604-7998 * Excellent Tom Yum Soup! 4 total views, 0 today Eclat Office Club: Bitcoin Cash-In ATM Bitcoin ATMs and Vending Machines in Singapore | | April 25, 2014 Tembusu Cash In Vending Machine Creates a paper wallet. Fee Estimate: 5% above Coinbase Mon - Fri: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm, but 4 total views, 0 today…
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China taking Bitcoin on a dive again makes WSJ MoneyBeat BitBeat

More coverage from Wall Street Journal: - Beijing still seems to matter for the price of bitcoin. Given that Chinese trading in the digital currency has dried up considerably since the government first started cracking down on banks’ interactions with bitcoin businesses in December, you’d think the market’s capacity to be surprised might have similarly dried up. But here we are, once again, with reports of some negative statements by officials at the People’s Bank of China and bitcoin’s international price is down sharply. Specifically, today’s $40 drop is…
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How Singapore’s Bitcoin Scene is Punching Above its weight

Singapore is a tiny island state in Asia, a mix of the east and west, but has been making waves in the Bitcoin world. 1) It has the highest density of Bitcoin ATMs in the world There are 8 Bitcoin ATMs in Singapore from 4 different makers (2 of which are from Singapore), and they are all located around the central region. It boasts Asia's first Bitcoin ATM, as well as Asia's first Robocoin (2 way machine with cashing out). This has even led tourists from Czech republic…
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NUS Law Student writes Bitcoin Dissertation for his degree

(cs writing here) Although not unprecedented, an american had written his on bitcoin before going to Davis Polk & Wardwell, this might very well be the first one in Asia, at least in english. Pak Nian Lam has written a directed dissertation on the regulation of bitcoin. It is heartening to see the greater attention as well as open approaches to the phenomenon that is the bitcoin protocol. Had it been so just a few years earlier I might have been able to do the same for my…
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Young Singaporean Interests: Bitcoin and Startups

Fittingly apt for the bitcoin atm capitol of the world, in a country that is trying to build up its innovation sector! Certainly didn't expect it to be so popular among the young Singaporeans. Thoughtbuzz feels the classical sectors are not keeping up with the trends. It is not surprising that most netizens in Singapore discuss stocks and foreign currency investments, considering the market is the regional financial and investment hub. A rising trend also has been discussions around Bitcoin, where the conversations tend to be about Bitcoin…
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