Hearthstone Mobile Review

Playing Hearthstone on the mobile is an amazingly pleasant experience. I can see why Blizzard took the time to build a customized version out. It plays fluidly on the small screen, and you won't have to fumble around with your tablet on a long commute. It feels pretty good to play it on the small screen, and I do think hearthstone will pick up many new players due to this added accessibility. The game is about 1gb so download over wifi! It seems the client was shrunk from…
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Hearthstone Mobile Phone Out! iPhone and Android

It's finally out! And not a moment too soon. It's now available for the iphone and android mobile devices! You get a card pack for playing it once on iphone, and another for android phone Wonder if they will schedule a amazon hearthstone promo along with it. Hearthpwn has also datamined some details: This patch paves the way for Hearthstone on mobile by reducing the file size of the client download. Today, Hearthstone is almost 2GB in size on desktops The new patch it comes in at just…
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Xiaomi hits 45B valuation, raises 1B

So many Bs. According to the Wall Street Journal, xiaomi just raised another 1 billion in its latest financing round to hit a valuation of 45 billion. HONG KONG—Xiaomi Corp. is raising more than $1 billion in its latest round of funding, valuing the fast-growing Chinese smartphone maker at more than $45 billion and making the company one of the most valuable technology startups in the world Techcrunch has this to say: The WSJ’s report of Xiaomi’s latest fundraising and valuation follows confusion over exactly how much money…
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Hearthstone Amazon Coin goes Official!

Update/Warning: looks like Amazon changed the promotion because it was too good, now it's 30% off coins and 10% coinback, a blow from 20% off coins and 50% coinback, Germany and certain other regions may still have the superior old promotion however! It still remains a good deal, just not the incredible one With the new changes, one way would be to stock up on amazon coins with the discount (if you have $40 or $70 to spare) and perhaps wait and see if they revert to a…
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Blizzard shooting for 2014 Hearthstone Android release, working on iphone (and 6+?)

There's a new Hearthstone Amazon Promotion! Update: it's out! A titbit from Zeriyah: Zeriyah Community Manager Posts: 879 We still have Hearthstone for iPhone and Android devices currently in development. We're still shooting for this year for an Android device release. #2 8/13/2014
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KnC (KnCminer) launches preloaded bitcoin wallet in conjunction with Chicago Sun Times

Update   This is a pretty good way to introduce friends to bitcoins! Who can resist the allure of free money? KnCminer has previously teamed up with Singapore's Gocoin to take bitcoin and litecoin payments. Previously, Chicago Sun Times had tried a bitcoin paywall As part of the launch, the first 96,000 downloads will be awarded with a few bucks to spend. The KnC Bitcoin Wallet app is available on the Google Play Store and it’s free. Needless to say, there’s no app for iOS or Windows Phone.…
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