Guess Amazon should have taken Bitcoins, Zerohedge: Did the Amazon bubble just pop?

Too bad it isn't taking bitcoins, it might have helped with their margins. Amazon Drops 10% - Triggers SEC Short Sale Rule Despite the best efforts of CNBC to have every bull on Amazon explain how great it really is and how they could enable to magical profit machine any minute if they so choose, the hedge fund hotel stock du jour is now down 10% and Bloomberg headlines blare: *SEC Short Sale Rule 201 is in Effect : AMZN (NASDAQ) Last night's algo-ramp to VWAP (on rising…
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Bitcoin Stuff you may have missed out in the TigerDirect excitement: Ebay considers bitcoin payments, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky asks for Bitcoin response, accepts Bitcoins, Argentinan’s Bitcoin Asset

First order of the day, after ebay uk has their virtual currency section, ebay ponders whether to accept bitcoin when you pay. You have cnbc's silicon valley san fran bureau chief on this. EBay considering accepting bitcoin as payment    Text Size   Published: Thursday, 23 Jan 2014 | 11:59 AM ET By: Mark Berniker | Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bureau Chief Ebay is now considering allowing customers to use bitcoin for payment for both eBay and PayPal, sources inside the company told CNBC. The company hasn't yet made a decision,…
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Zerohedge picks up on Patrick Byrne’s Spectacular Krugman Smackdown, roaring cheers from zerohedgers, and overstock support

Previously, 's Patrick Byrne had ripped into Krugman, calling him unethical, hopes bitcoin will destroy central banking, and other comments.   How do I really feel about @NYTimeskrugman? #bitcoin #Keynesian — Patrick M. Byrne (@OverstockCEO) January 16, 2014   Zerohedge has responded with glee Overstock CEO Slams "Unethical" Krugman; Hopes "Bitcoin Destroys Central Banking" Submitted by Tyler Durden on 01/15/2014 16:46 -0500 Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne goes to town on Keynesian Crony Paul Krugman in this brief interview. Byrne blasts Krugman for everything from his "unethical" involvement in…
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Overstock Bitcoins up 6 months early (Forbes: locking 40 people in a room), has explosive start, makes it to China News and translation, Makes it to a very positive Zerohedge!

updated china news has it too ( bottom) updated with businessinsider: OVERSTOCK CEO: Amazon Will Be Forced To Start Accepting Bitcoin updated with zerohedge "This is absolutely huge news and any retail CEO worth their salt will immediately begin to look into Bitcoin adoption. I hope financial publications that missed the biggest financial story of 2013 continue to mock it with covers of unicorns and waterfalls. It’s the most bullish thing I can imagine." If you're wondering about the unicorns and waterfalls, its this bloomberg unicorn, although I…
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Overstock and Bitcoins

It's been out for a while that Overstock will be taking bitcoins sometime in the second this year. We have an OP-ED from the Overstock CEO at CNBC explaining his reasons Aside from his stated reasons, note that for the same reasons Zynga finds the lack (relative) of fees appealing, the same goes too for Overstock and also for Amazon. Amazon goes on ultra low margins to push the sales out, and cutting off 2% on its near 0 razor thin margin is self explanatory. I also notice…
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