The other steve of apple, Wozniak to the Jobs, has stepped into the bitcoin fray. He will join Planet Capital as an advisor and director on their board.

According to cointelegraph, the company runs ATMs that allow for two way currency transfers.

While it is unlikely that this will directly lead to more apple-bitcoin tieups, it is another step for bitcoin that one of the founders behind the biggest tech giant Apple today is joining a bitcoin startup.


Within the Planet Capital project, however, the momentum behind a major rollout of ‘all-in-one’ money kiosks is palpable, the company’s board also including Atari Co-Founder Steve Mayer, Clinton Administration FCC Chairman Reed Hundt, former CFO of the Carlyle Group, John Harris, and former IBM/Seagate Executive, Ken Hardesty.

“My brain trust consists of some of Silicon Valley’s heaviest hitters,” Chairman Lee Caplin stated.

In addition to traditional ATM functions, the machines feature the ability for customers to pay bills, vendors to enable point-of-sale transactions, perform mobile top-ups, and for gift cards to be purchased and enabled from participating vendors.