As usual, you can try selling the individual cards nearer to the start
and start forming your own badges nearer to the end
(note min lvl is 8 this time instead of 5)
Craft badges to earn in-game items, community and team rewards, and win free games!
30 Purple Team members will win 3 games from their Wishlist
For Dota
Steam Summer Sale 2014 Reward, Level 1
8,357 Crafted
Steam Summer Sale 2014 Reward, Level 2
3,470 Crafted
Steam Summer Sale 2014 Reward, Level 3
835 Crafted
Steam Summer Sale 2014 Reward, Level 4
188 Crafted
Steam Summer Sale 2014 Reward, Level 5
17 Crafted
How do I get Summer Adventure cards?
Craft a game badge
Crafting a game badge will get you a card. If you had a mystery card in your inventory from crafting a game badge before the sale started, that will have turned into a Summer Adventure trading card.
Make a purchase
As an extra reward for purchasing, for every $10 USD or equivalent spent in the Steam Store during the sale you’ll receive a Summer Sale trading card. From your Summer Adventure Badge page select “How do I get more cards?” to track your purchasing progress. (Microtransactions do not qualify to earn additional cards.)
Vote for the Community’s Choice Flash Sale
If you’re Steam Level 8 and above, you’ll get a card every third time you vote for the Community’s Choice sale. There are 29 chances to vote! (If you reach Steam Level 8 before the end of the sale, you’ll be granted the cards you earned by voting.)
Trade for them
That’s why they’re called trading cards! Find friends with other cards and make trades. Your Summer Adventure 2014 badge page shows which friends have the cards you need.
Buy them from the Community Market
Sell the cards you don’t need and buy the ones you do, all with other Community members on the Community Marketplace. Turn those duplicate cards into Steam Wallet funds to buy games. View the Community Market
Not enough cards?
How about some freebies? When you join a team (by clicking the button above or when you’re automatically joined by crafting a badge) you’ll get a card if you’re level 8 or above. If you help your team by scoring points, you’ll get a free card at the end of the day. If your team wins that day, you’ll get two!
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