Update: Microplushies and Lockless Luckbox revisit Update

Update: RPS reports that the $38,000 USD flaming pink puppy has lost almost 90% of its value to $4000

With Valve releasing the first blood patch, a lot of items that previously could not be sold will now be marketable on the Steam community market. Even commons and uncommons are largely listable as opposed to previously where it was mainly Tournament items and Genuines.

The first blood patch is also notable for other changes such as the removal of fountain hook, LAN play, Armlet toggle and gameplay modes. The relevant economy changes are:

  • The quality of the item drops you are eligible for is now tied to your Dota profile level. You can see your current drop level in your profile page
  • A quick-search bar has been added to the armory
  • Filters can now be created for the armory. These filters are stored in the Steam Cloud so that every machine you use will know your armory filter settings
  • An armory page now contains 60 items instead of 64. Armory sizes have been increased upwards slightly to account for this adjustment
  • Many items have been removed from the store. These can now be sold and bought on the Steam Community Market! Workshop contributors will receive a share of each resale of their items. The items that have been removed are not immortal: they may return to the store in future sales or events, or they may appear in the drop list from time to time
  • The item drop list has been greatly pared down and will now change over time. As new items are introduced old items will be removed (and will be accessible on the Steam Community Market). This should help keep the item drop list interesting over time
  • Entropic Shield and Entropic Axe are now a part of the Entropic set

Perhaps as anti smurf measure, there are now 7 levels of drop loot, with arcana being the highest.

Lvl 1 Common
Lvl 2 Uncommon
Lvl 3 Rare
Lvl 4 Mythical
Lvl 5 Legendary
Lvl 6 Ancient
Lvl 7 Arcana

As you can see the level requirements are not very high, with about lvl 2 or 3 being sufficient to get items for dota2lounge. In addition to the tutorial, loot restrictions probably are targeted towards smurfing, with the added benefit of flexibility in item drops in the future.

Cyborgmatt appears to have the drop list for the different levels at: http://www.cyborgmatt.com/2013/09/dota-2-19th-september-2/

It seems there is still only one arcana item that is lina’s hair. There has been quite a huge reshuffling of loot too with a lot of them being removed as compared to the new ones being introduced. Valve has indicated this is their way of keeping the market fresh (changing over time) and “interesting”.

Other notable market changes include the Furion Genuine flowering treants that underwent a huge shock when Valve released the treant keys to those who had the CK keys, along with refreshing the Furion Plushie, which quickly went out of stock.



It has fallen from a high of over $300 to about $125 today (at writing)

(Lockless luckboxes have led upon opening to quite a few high priced items such as Nyx Dagon which has special effects, the dagon has come down to $170 to $180 from a peak of $220)