kadala magefist

So Kadala was nice enough to drop a Magefist for me, and unlike adventurer caches, it’s not a strength roll! Although the IAS rolled low, and the critical hit damage isn’t max, it’s still good enough for me! The Chance to Deal area damage can be rerolled into critical hit chance. So basically before elemental juggling/reshuffling, or having to spec out of fire, magefist becomes a BIS for fire builds due to the effective 5 prop (if you can get the base rolls!)

Alternatives are say shrine gloves

So then I tried rerolling it, and it took multiple visits to the mystic, but it was finally done!

magefist crit magefist roll

Wootz! Might spend a few more forgotten souls to bring it up to 10% crit chance next time, but that’s for the future if I have spares.

And then I had Cain’s Set (cain’s destiny) dropping and Hallowed defenders

cain's destiny, hallowed defenders

And topping it off

A burning axe of sankis (but bad roll)

So I was just the Cindercoat away from completing a fire set, if not for the roll (but of course one must expect the blizzard fire nerfs possibility)

burning axe of sankis

Passed it to a friend in the end!

But boy such fire, much firepower! Comparing the fire skills +% damage with existing dps (here say the 700 int potentially on the axe) is part of the problems that led to the design behind the app! Where I made a simple elemental dps calc for android. So it’s quick no frills way to make a quick comparison between items or item sets! (But here with a socket, it would require desocketing, or dual socketing, so it wouldn’t punch the numbers out as well)