Update: Shard of Hate nerfs, Barbarians and Monks dual wielding will be more affected.

Shard of Hate is the new best weapon in the game right now (the new echoing fury), and it was created by the community modeled after Mephisto. Its proc deals a heapload of damage. And it allows you to do far more damage than you normally would on an enormous scale.


A barb reaches 100mil dps on just under 1 mil sheet dps, but using cooldown based skills too

Warning: Expletive in video, put it on mute if necessary!

Here, datmodz rolls an intel 666 shard of hate, which is an amazing wizard mainhand, but not so much for his main. Otherwise, that’s a best in slot right there that can possibly let you go toe to toe in t6 due to the OP proc!

One of the existing game mechanics problem is that your weapon requires a socket and you’re probably going to have to use a mystic reroll for that.

It is possible to get Shard of Hate on normal mode, and probably on kadala, so that’s quite a boon I guess.

Getting a smart looted alt shard will probably make you want to roll a new character however!