Maybe you’ve seen the Dogecar in action and you’re wondering how to join the dogetipping fun? You could obtain some by joining dogetips giveaways, buy some from exchanges, or start mining your own! This could be an option if you already have a gaming graphics card on your desktop, or you have space for one, or want to buy an ASIC miner.

a) If you want to mine dogecoins, there are a few options:

1) Get a graphics card

Popular options are: Nvidia 750ti, ATI Radeon 270, 280x (7970) and 280 (7950)

The Nvidia 750ti is currently the most power saving option at the moment until more maxwells from nvidia and pirate islands from ATI is released.

Currently, the cost of mining would be very close to electrical rates in higher power rates places, which means that you will be essentially “buying” dogecoins with money you give to power companies. Hashrates per $ spent in buying the card is still okay for now, as neither the new cards or ASICs have really been out on the market to make a dent and difficulty has fallen due to the halvening and overall crash in prices.

The plus side of having a graphics card is that you can play games with it! When you are not mining, or when it is no longer economical to do so.

2) ASICs

Currently, most of them have not come out, and those that have are having issues. Even at peak performance, they are unable to replicate the huge Bitcoin ASICs jump in the scrypt mining (Dogecoin) sphere. For bitcoin, ASICs pretty much blew graphics card out of the water, but that hasn’t been the case for Dogecoin (and Litecoin) for now.


Edit 3/21: As reader sapientlife points out, ASIC scrypt miners by Gridseed are already available for purchase. The Gridseed miners aren’t very powerful, however—they’re capable of mining scrypt coins about half as fast as a single high-end GPU, for nearly the same up-front cost. However, they’re quite a bit more power efficient than GPU mining (GPUs will use about 10 times as much power at the same hashing speed). Whether or not a Gridseed ASIC beats out GPUs for you depends on electricity costs in your area.

Gridseed has since came out with a pure miner. (http://gridseedasic.com/item-type/asic-scrypt-miners) in terms of hash per $ outlay it isn’t too big of an improvement, but will save you electricity costs. (the competing consideration will be that the ASIC will eventually be obsolete before power savings catches up, but an obsolete graphics card is still a fairly decent graphics card for gaming whether for personal use or resale)

3) Purchase Cloud Mining

Much like cloud services, from Amazon Web Services to Dropbox, you can sort of “lease” mining power from companies out there. This saves you money on the existing outlay, and you can sort of turn it off and on at will.

Whichever option you choose, there are two helpful resources for calculating the mining



b) starting the mining

If you purchase ASICs or Cloud, it can be a lot simpler, but you would have to follow the manufacturer’s or provider’s instructions.

If you decide to grab a graphics card for your PC, you can follow the cryptobadger litecoin guide and just change the pool into a dogecoin pool (which I did). Dogemining is also a helpful place to ask questions when starting out! http://www.reddit.com/r/dogemining

Once you have your dogecoins, you can jump into reddit and start dogetipping!