New Bloom Festival, with vermilion renewal and crimson parcels is out!

Want to know more about the twin scythes of ice and vyse? Or the snowglobe dota items?

Steam Holiday Sale Encore Day

holiday sale encore day

Arkham Origins $24.99 50%, Farcry 3 7.49, 75%, Borderlands 2 (numbers bugged?) AOE 2 HD 4.99, 75%, Dark Souls 5.99 80%, Company of Heroes (?), Dishonored 7.49 75%, Saints Row $19.99 60%, Stanley Parable $8.99 40%, Metro Last Light 13.59 66%, CS GO 3.75 75%, Skyrim 7.49 75%, Bioshock Infinite $14.99 75%, Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag $44.99 25%, Tom Raider $9.99 80%

lolcakez steam glitches

steam bug


Seems like the steam sale is coming to an end. The voting (and thus the voting snow globe generation) has come to an end. The encore sale should going off in a few hours. Remains to be seen how the prices of the snow globes will move before they expire into nothingness (the time on the card itself, its longer than the sale). At writing the price seems to be holding around there, minus a few cents.

Bioshock Infinite DLC for a short period

Got a holofoil which i sold.

Snow Globe Foil cards.

They seem to give 10,000 xp if you can make the whole set, and 5 items. (their prices are about 10 times the usual though, so I guess people will at most complete one set for the badge/achieve)

snow globe foil stats snow globe 2 foil snow globe 2 foil inbox new item

Left 4 Dead 2 for free


Braid at 80% off! $1.99, one of the best games ever!

trine 2 90percent 1.99 borderlands 2 50percent 29.99

If you shake the mobile app snow will fall! Just like a snow globe. Pretty cool feature Valve snuck in.

You have Trine2 at 90% off for $1.99, Shadow run at $8.99 and borderlands at $29.99 (50% off there). Trine 2 is at a pretty good price outside a humble bundle!

Steam is having their annual winter holiday event! This is the usual boatloads of discounts, item craftings and trading cards and so on!

The first day opened up with some pretty nice sales like Bioshock Infinite (or set) at $14.99 and Stanley Parable at 40% off. Oh there was Sleeping Dogs at $4.99 (80% off), Darksiders II at $9.99 (80% off), Crusader kings at $9.99, Dragon Age II at $4.99

FTL at 3.39, Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition $7.99, Sims 3 $11.99

Deus Ex at $4.99 Terraria at $2.49, kyrim $7.49

Devil May Cry DmC $12.49 75%, Killing Floor $4.99, 75%, Dark Souls $5.99 80%

Portal 2 $4.99 75%, Lego Lord of the Rings $7.49 75%, Hitman Absolution $4.99 80%, Prison Architect $14.99 50%, Resident Evil 6 $11.99 70%, Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag $44.99 25%

We have AC IV Blag Flag coming out here, but I think Amazon might have had it cheaper, but maybe ubisoft has concerns over a cheap steam AC being easier to trade around.

Brothers $4.99 70%

AC III $14.99 50% Prototype 2 $9.99 75%

Mass Effect 2 $4.99 75%

This will last from 19 Dec to 3 Jan


steamsnowglobe holiday sale

Collect the cards

During the sale there are 5 ways to get trading cards. Read how below.

Craft the badge

View your progress Collect all 10 cards to craft the Snow Globe badge. This special badge can be crafted an unlimited number of times during the sale.

Get rewards

Craft the Snow Globe badge and you’ll receive 1 of the game items below (crafting a foil badge gets you five!) Plus, you’ll get a holiday emoticon and profile background.

The items looks like quite a bit, Path of Exile and Dota 2 Players may be able to get something!

snowglobe item rewards

Genuine Spike of Frostbite
3,031 Crafted
Genuine Mountain Splitter
1,234 Crafted
Genuine Omnivus
308 Crafted
Genuine Steamcape
77 Crafted
Genuine Scythe of Ice
3 Crafted
0 Crafted
Currently one craft of the unparalleled, looks like it’s for the ember spirit
Genuine Governor’s Salakot
1 Crafted
Seems like you can get the normal (non genuine) scythe of ice via the usual ways.
An idea of how much they can go for
corrupted salakot heroic cursed omnivus corrupted steamcape corrupted scythe of ice
(and their corrupted versions)
If you are not at home or not near a computer during certain times, you can actually use your mobile phone to vote via the steam app!
The Snowglobe cards
(it seems you need to be lvl 5 to get them through voting, not sure about badge creation and game purchases)
rogue legacy snowglobe valid til jan 4 assassinscreedsnowblglobe 1 newitems snowglobe
Decided to sell my snow globes card in the end since they have an expiry date.
Waiting til the prices drop nearer to the end as more people get it, maybe one card sold now can buy a few then then I can complete a set. (while there is an expiry, the snow globe cards seem a bit harder than previous times due to the lvl 5 requirement, and steeper requirements to get one except for the voting which remains the same)
Lol, it’s pretty much a waterfall down from $1 to about 10, 20 cents now
steam globe 6 stanley parable
Stanley Parable Snow Globe #6
Want to know more about the twin scythes of ice and vyse? Or the snowglobe dota items?