New Bloom Festival, with vermilion renewal and crimson parcels is out!

Ooh, the prices for Spike has gone up in the meantime

43 cent spike of frostbite

With the snowglobe event over, we can take a look at some of the dota 2 items in retrospective

Spike of Frost Bite (common)

A nice weapon for Sven at common rarity, which means a cheaper price!

sven rogueknight frostbite blade spike

It’s cheap enough and useable to buy a souvenir of the winter sale.

Managed to snag one for 23 cents, but had you bought it near its bottom during winter event you could get it for a little over 10 cents!


Mountain Splitter (Uncommon)

It’s an Axe item, so it doesn’t go that well in price

axe mountain splitter

Omnivus (rare)

Despite being genuine, shares similar problems with Mountain Splitter as the Omniknight items don’t fetch very high prices.

omniknight omnivus genuine

Steamcape (extraordinary/mythical?)

For the drow ranger

A decent drop if you get it!

genuine steamcape cursed corrupted

The Scythe of Ice (precious)

The genuine edition is only obtainable through the snow globes event, but frozen versions exists in the wraith night tributes (non marketable), normal are normal drops, and corrupted and cursed versions exists. (possibly key opens) Its price makes it like Gollum’s precious one ring however.

Genuine probably has the best value, (the cursed you see here has only 1 listing, and it isn’t really indicative). Comparisons would probably bring to mine the other scythe, the scythe of vyse.

More on the scythes here
genuine scythe of ice corrupted cursed

The Ember Spirit Salakot (unparalleled)

Being called governor’s salakot, the adjective in front comes in handy. As you will see, despite being far rarer (unparalleled in rarity), it fetches far less than the scythe of ice.

The plus side you can see the different forms. Maybe that’s the new steam thing, to dilute items.

ember spirit salakot governor frozen corrupted normal inscirbed cursed

New Bloom Festival is out!