112 used to be Katong Mall, and when it was purchased and rebranded by Perennial, it had quite the surge of traffic. (It used to be a relatively empty mall filled with tuition centers) But it seems the existing fengshui of the location was also itself perennial. Would it be temporary? Or just a small indication of the bigger island itself.

You can see the shops undergoing a “reshuffle”. A very optimistic coming soon.

At some point there would be replacements as rentals adjust, but there are 12 of them, excluding those shops still around but announcing a clearance sale. Challenger seems to be one of them.

coming soon directory

It is quite pronounced at the basement, which seems to be half vacant.




The boarded up areas

panorama 112

Dark patches that were once filled with lights

empty tank

There were also empty benches around at abandoned shops, people simply used them as free seating areas.

high end watch shop

This used to be an upmarket watch shop, I think it announced that it was one of the first to be located outside the core central region. Now its boarded up. In the area of luxury watches, it seems that they are offering 50 months installment free purchase plans. Perhaps the crackdown on China luxury excesses, weakening ringgit and ruppiah has affected the luxury dollars coming in.

Or perhaps they are just at Sotheby’s instead purchasing $24 million Patek Phillipe pocketwatches

unity empty shelves

An empty unity with nothing on its shelvesobolo gone

Obolo used to be at the katong streets outside, perhaps it will go back there.