Kncminer has finally revealed their pocket aces. It remains to be seen if they can catch up with the GPU mining v ASIC race by the time it reaches the hands of retail (that is to say after the period “testing” machines) They also plan to be taking litecoins at some point in the future via Gocoin, so that should get people excited too!


KnCMiner Sells $2 Million Worth Of Scrypt Mining Machines In Four Hours

KnCMiner, one of the few cryptocurrency miner companies that tend to ship product, has announced that they sold $2 million worth of their scrypt mining Titan rigs in four hours, a new record for the company.

The rig, which costs $9,995, is rated at 100MH/s and is aimed at mining alternative coins like Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Feathercoin. If this price seems a bit over the top and obscene it’s probably because these alternative coins haven’t quite reached the mainstream and are a fairly large gamble for all but the most fervent crypto currency believers.

At $10,000 you’re essentially entering into an interesting new world of alt coins which many believe will be as powerful or at least tangential to the almighty bitcoin.

The miner uses an off-the-shelf ATX power supply which the customer supplies themselves. This is because shipping power supplies raises customs issues for the company and, in crypto currencies, every minute counts. They will begin shipping in Q2 or Q3 of this year. You can check it out here


[–]SoundOfOneHand 6 points ago

“They will be shipping in Q2 or Q3 of this year.” I’m still not holding my breath on this one. 100MH/s is a lot of hashpower for that money, I haven’t seen any other scrypt ASIC manufacturers claiming anywhere close to that, so if they actually deliver this would be more of a game changer than many have claimed for scrypt ASICs. Plus that’s only the first gen chips. My GPU rig could very well be completely obsolete by the end of the year but like I said, not holding my breath.

[–]hashme_net 3 points ago

at $10,000 a pop, that’s 200 units. Cool… but newsworthy?

[–]Bandhanana 5 points ago

In 4 hours. Yeah, that’s a pretty good rate of pre-sales

[–]hashme_net 1 point ago

About one a minute or so. Not bad.

[–]Chrisrokc 2 points ago

ANYTHING can happen with the difficult or price, but IMO the better bet here is buy 10k of LTC vs a 10k ASIC Scrypt Miner. Now, the 2nd generation of ASIC’s might be a good purchase depending on the price of LTC and the price of the miners. This same thing played out with BTC last year…

Remember these things will not hit the customers till Late Summer or Early Fall! Just to show how far they are along in development they don’t even know what power supplies will be needed for the Titan.