Update: it’s now official

Lamborghini Newport Beach’s official blog has it


(They use bitpay)

The Bitcoin saga continues…

After reporting the sale of a Tesla acquired using Bitcoins, we received a lot of calls from prospective buyers.  We are happy to confirm a 2nd transaction of the same kind this week for a 2014 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 Coupe.  With the help of a 3rd party specializing in converting the 216.8 Bitcoins into US Dollars, we were able to complete the transaction within 72 hours.  According to the media attention we’ve been receiving, this could be the start of something big.

official bitcoin lambho


Apparently someone posted on 4 chan that he had purchased a Lamborghini from Lamborghini Newport Beach (the same place that sold the Tesla) for 216 Bitcoins (about 200k usd). (It was sold at $209,995 USD)

4chan, reddit 传言有人从比特币 Tesla 一样的地方用 216 比特币买了兰博基尼.

The provided supporting documentation by the poster was

the4chanbitcointransaction the4chaninvoice


Reddit got onto it and looked at the blockchain records as well as the VIN decoder





At the moment it looks very possibly true, or at least one hell of a PR stunt. The mainstream media should be on this quickly and would be able to verify if this happened. Probably businessinsider. It will definitely make news! (If true)

…I guess one could say, the news is awaiting confirmations