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Gabe Newell (Valve): Top Steam Workshop Modeler makes 500,000 a year (half a mil), Game items follow Prestige items economics such as Porsche, many modelers make more on steam than their day jobs, Paypal thought Steam was Drug Money due to the huge amount selling hats, modern technology e.g. 3d printing reminds him of MMOs and games, better to have a few talented coders than outsource to cheap places

Gabe Newell

Found this gem from the reddit thread of LoL v Steam employees


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1) Riot has proper customer support people while im pretty sure Valve’s customer supports are just employees who just do the customer support when they can.

2) Valve outsourced a lot of the money making stuff (skins) to the community.

3) Riot runs 1 Esports studio and has employees working with ESL at their esport studio, which is a lot of resources. Other e-sports jobs like editing/admins/journalists.

4) Riot has multiple offices around the country/world.(11 officers, not including their partners that help them run games in other regions) Comparatively, Valve has like one extra office in Luxembourg with 5 people in it.

5) http://www.riotgames.com/careers tons and tons of community managers and you can compare to Valve http://www.valvesoftware.com/jobs/job_postings.html

Edit: In addition:

6) A balance team AND a champion design team

7) Way more localization staff

8) A massive massive marketing team.

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Blizzard has ~4000 employees. Riot has grown from 60 to over 1000 in 4 years and a lot of our staff are not developers – they are publishing staff that work on “publishing” (aka delivering) League of Legends to players around the world. That is why we have so many regional offices and why we can do cool things like run global tournaments. Additionally, League of Legends is many orders of magnitude larger than the biggest online game ever – this is not a boast (we really don’t care about size, we care about delivering great experiences) but this DOES add huge complexity and makes every mistake a big deal since it impacts millions upon millions of players. Additionally, Blizzard has been around for nearly 20 years – Riot built League of Legends in 3 years on a not great tech foundation (very long story) so we’ve had to improve the underlying infrastructure and foundation WHILE the game was growing like crazy. That is hard to do. The reason we didn’t have a great tech foundation is because LOL was our first game and we had limited capital and the inability to attract the type of great talent we have now. So our capabilities NOW are WAY stronger than ever which is why the game keeps improving across every dimension. But it’s like building a CITY and then saying, “we need a suburb”. It takes time to transition your millions of people from the city into a suburb and you need to build the suburb and all the roads, power infrastructure, sewers, houses, strip malls, etc – all in parallel while maintaining your city. These aren’t excuses, it is simple fact and I am explaining the reasons for why things are how they are. The good news is is that there is an awful lot of light at the end of the tunnel and everything we have been doing for the last year or so and will do in the future will leverage our much better infrastructure (both ops hardware and software tech) to make things easier to maintain and improve over time. You guys will continue to notice a lot of little improvements – we just won’t go about thumping our chests and talking about how proud we are of those things because they are largely behind the scenes – and the thing that matters most is having a really fun game.

Directly quoted from the CEO of Riot Games, people simply do not understand how big the game is in several countries, such as China and Korea. The game has been the most played game in Korean PC bangs for at least more than 1 year and the esports scene there is massive, non-koreans consistently watch OGN tournaments (similiar to how people watch WPC). The weekly LCS (which is currently running now) also has easily up to 200k viewers on twitch not including youtube and other streaming services. The company simply needs massive amounts of manpower to handle such community events.