What’s the best chest to exchange for the treasure redemption token? (self.DotA2)

submitted by SilverXerion

Pretty much the title.

bdzz 3 points

Champion’s Chest or Hero’s Heirloom

Both have great sets like the Kunkka or DK one and the rare drop, the Pudge hook, is really nice.

Or whatever you want actually. Might be one with an unusual courier?

flamindude99 1 point

Champion’s chest has decent sets plus the chance to get a pudge hook which sells for ~25-28 dollars on the market, it’s your best bet for value. Besides that, anything you find attractive I guess, or even Trove carafe since it has immortals.

darkspear 1 point

I used for trove carafe because I wanted the earthshaker inmortal (got it in the 4 chest)