RAD: random arbitrary disclosure (if any)

One should do their own due diligence.

Caveat Emptor, Venditor Emptor

You should prepare expect the worst, and do you own due diligence!

You can expect talking of books, that the coverage may involve the writer having some interest or having the “thing” in particular or something closely associated but that does not mean that it will go down or go up. In some cases there may be nothing underlying, that it was a casual remark or general coverage, or that things have changed over time. Positions change. On the flipside, down talking or up talking may be intended to have the opposite effect. The party may be inclined to discourage others from entering the fray until he/she has accumulated enough of “X” thing. Disclosures may have the opposite effect of the its intended goal, leading to unintended consequences. Disclosures if any, will be random and arbitrary on this site.

You must expect that writings may not be in your interests (even if they may be aligned sometimes and misaligned at others), and you must do your own research, preparation and diligence to safeguard and further your own individual interests.

Note that text comes from a variety of sources that would reflect different interests.

You will have to be your own watchman. Or watchwoman.