The km requirements of the new eggs:

[Gen 2] Baby Pokémon Egg Chart! from TheSilphRoad

Here’s the list of all the new baby pokemon & the egg distance required to hatch them


Baby Form Egg Distance Candies Required Evolves to
Pichu 5km 25 Pikachu
Togepi 5km 50 Togetic
Cleffa 2km 25 Clefairy
Magby 10km 25 Magmar
Igglybuff 2km 25 Jigglypuff
Elekid 10km 25 Electabuzz
Smoochum 10km 25 Jynx



  • Cleffa, Igglybuff: 2km
  • Togepi, Pichu: 5km
  • Magby, Elekid, Smoochum: 10km


And someone’s togetic

Player hatched 3x a Togepi to finally make a Togetic today! from TheSilphRoad