Girl’s generation are a popular kpop group from korea, and they are endorsing Blade & Soul (also from Korea), that Tencent is bringing in to China and other markets.

Republished from Litecoineer: Playing Blade and Soul (China) on the Litecoin Rig

As you know, the twin 7950s that are now pretty much sold out are pretty good gaming equipment graphics cards. Would be a waste not to take it out for a test run. I dipped into a bit of Bioshock Infinite and Sonic Racing, but I heard a lot of people were playing Blade and Soul via the China release (the original game came out of korea, but the china version is open to the entire world). (And did I mention it is free?)

The irony was that the rig wasn’t rendering the chinese text correctly, unless they were as images I think. (It was perfectly fine within the game however) This made trying to get  a QQ account, as well as the installation and patching rather difficult. (and also because it was international account I think) I was following guides and just inputting copy pastes into the boxes that seems to be correct. Like even now I don’t know which server I am on because it is just white boxes and unrendered characters. I just go by the rough placement of the box when I load it up, if they are to change the box locations I will probably have to click all 20 servers to find the one my toon is on.

But the images showed up though, SNSD (Girl’s Generation) from korea are endorsing the game.

bladeandsoultiffany bladeandsoulyoona

You have Tiffany and Yoona on the welcome screens (I think).


Loading it up!

character creation

It sure is a pretty game. I have to say though, the fans felt entirely quiet playing compared to when it was mining!


It has quite an engaging combat system, it felt like a cross between Street Fighter and MMOs. Plus you can sort of fly right off the bat. It went quite smoothly, and the opening intro has a pugilistic entry into the game. After a while it is back to the usual MMO of deliver this, kill that, collect X though!

But the game is free!