Some takeaways:

-2/3rds of Overstock’s bitcoin customers are new.
-Over half a percent of their billion dollars in annual sales now comes from btc. It has blown away their initial expectations.
-Currently they lose .2% of their revenue to fraud. With bitcoin, that is gone.
-The largers savings is on credit card fees with bitcoin purchases.
-Some employees are asking to be paid partially in bitcoin.
-Overstock.com also buys some bitcoin each week.
-They will pay vendors more quickly if they take btc because of reduced transaction fees and faster settlement.
-In May, they will be having a global vendor conference for their vendors. Coinbase, their bitcoin processing partner, will be involved in the conference and helping vendors onboard to bitcoin.
-Overstock would love to see blockchain based settlement of stock trades/corporate equities. They would be an “early adopter.”
-Finally, Overstock believes the current financial system is a “pressure cooker” created by the Federal Reserve and central banking.
You can see more at life on bitcoin, but it seems no one took a video
Today, Austin, Theron and Jeffrey, three members of the Life on Bitcoin founding team attended the Utah Bitcoin Meetup to listen to Jonathan Johnson speak. He is the Chairman of the Board for Overstock.com.

Overstock.com is the largest internet retailer by sales accepting bitcoin and an incredible leading company in the space.