UPDATE: It’s not Newegg, it’s TigerDirect! 1 week before 31st

Well, the company is still unknown, but it does look like newegg with all the signs pointing there. And their bitcoin litecoin miner mistake.

Tony Gallippi, co-founder and CEO of BitPay, tells me that the mass market run won’t end with the Kings, either.

“We are working with several other major brands and by the end of January we’ll have at least one more to announce,” he says. He won’t say who that is “to tip the hat of competitors” except to hint that it’s a well-known name in consumer electronics, which makes sense. “Look at the overlap between the demographics of people with Bitcoin and what they want to buy,” Gallippi says.

Looks like we have a first payment processor war shaping up with Coinbase + Overstock v potentially Newegg + Bitpay

Bitpay is the Li Ka Shing one


[–]sourdsmokin 10 points ago

Ah, so TigerDirect or Newegg integration by the end of January? Splendid indeed!

[–]yeahnahyourea 2 points ago

Now that would be good news 😉

[–]VonIobro 3 points ago

Maybe MicroCenter?

[–]pikeadz 2 points ago

Gotta be one or the other. For those of you wondering, this little nugget was buried in the middle of the article. Thanks Tony!

[–]oproski 2 points ago

My money’s on Newegg, especially since they just added that “Get your Bitcoin mining gear here” ad.