Moofund is now live as a technology preview, let’s kick things off in a big way by raising $50,000 to help the homeless. (self.dogecoin)

submitted by moolah_moolah.io founder

https://moofund.io is a cross-currency fundraising platform that allows charities, non-profits and anybody with an idea to raise funds. There are no fees (bar any incurred by a 3rd party, such as credit card processing fees) for charities and non-profits, and fees for everybody else are set at a low 1%. The fees raised by this 1% are put back in to good causes.

Moofund itself is a registered non-profit organisation (+/u/TheBoffin can explain exactly what legal form it has taken), and we’ll be moving one or two of our staff over to work on it full-time. On top of being a fundraising platform, it will actively work on managed campaigns for charities and non-profits as a part of our commitment to good causes.

Currently, it’s missing a few important features (donate by credit/debit card, leave comments, share via social media) – but these will all be live within the next 12 hours… the recent attack on our platform knocked back our timeframes a little bit. It’ll be running at 100% from tomorrow however, in time for people who have submitted campaigns for review :-).

It’s live now though, and we’re kicking things off in a big way with our Help the Homeless campaign.


Helping the homeless is something that matters in a big way to myself, my partner, and the wonderful people that I have working for me. We’re aiming to raise a minimum of $50,000 in 60 days that we will use to help homeless shelters, charities and people with education, accommodation and much needed suppliers. We will also be seeking to further raise awareness of some issues that people might not realise, such as a wide range of mental health issues that a considerable number of homeless people suffer from.

I love this community, let’s continue to show the world that we can make a difference in a big way.

  • Alex.