New Bloom Festival, with vermilion renewal and crimson parcels is out!

Update: Valve seems to have restocked the store microplush, which goes for $9.99 USD. (shipping to SEA is like about 25 USD it seems, so I guess the 7.5 USD premium is 1/3 shipping). If you are in the States you can pop over to the valve store and get your microplush! http://store.valvesoftware.com/product.php?i=ADT009
This might mean a downwards tendency towards the luckbox heading towards around $10 however, taking down surrounding prices.

Microplush from Valve for Dota 2 has hit local shores in bulk, making it pretty easy to get. Although it is no longer the gold rush of previous days, the lockless luckbox can still open up pretty good stuff. Here in Singapore it retails for around 22 SGD to 26 SGD depending on their stock, so about 17.5 to 21 USD. A lockless luckbox itself goes for around 21 to 22 USD on the steam market, which makes it about 17+ USD after taxes too. This may be a good alternative to spending on steam wallet cards (if you’re in SEA and lack payment methods like credit cards or paypal and its about the same price), in which a spread is usually charged. It is a lot more hassle though, but you in essence get a “free” shot at the shitty wizard and courier. (I think it still goes for 3 digits but I’m not too sure)


GoDz managed to get 3 shitty wizards in a row at ACG singapore 2013!

GoDz 3 shitty wizards in a row

That gives you 3 of:


Garrad Drywiz and Garactacus

Garrad Drywiz and Garactacus

Not to be confused with  Dolfrat and Roshinante


dolfrat roshinante

It now comes in a box, I thought there would be a valve pokeball inside but it has been replaced by a black lightly sealed bag. I was told that apparently the old pokeballs had holes in which you can try to see which was the shitty wizard and just purchase that one for profits. (reminds me of magic the gathering and pokemon trading card days trying to find the holographic foil) So with a box and a black bag, its hard to see which one held the jackpot.

blacksealbag unlocking microplush microplushrolls microplush bottom

The black mystery figure is of course the shitty wizard, I think all the plush have the same drop rate except for the shitty wizard which has the ultra low drop rate. As for my plush, I got a windrunner (or windranger).

windrunner windranger microplush lockless luckbox card gashapon prize

Well, its not like the cosplay windrunner, but there’s a tailored quiver onto her back which was a nice touch.

mythical luckless lockbox luckless lockbox description lucklesslockbox inventory

luckless lockbox promotion code

I suppose if you buy a lot of these you will have to sell them a dollar or two below the usual to clear your stock.

The probable contents:

The prices in the old guide is outdated, but the graphs aren’t very helpful now with the new landscape. (you can make non genuine versions from recipes)

Old Price, New Price

$50, $8

Broken Shackles (market) and

$80, $10

Prisoner’s Anchor (market) for alchemist

$53, $22

Aether Wings (market) for Puck also obtainable via the Puck T shirt,

$63, $16

Frost Owl Beacon (market) for Crystal Maiden,

$87, $15

Crest of the Wyrm Lords (market) for Dragon Knight,

$55, $8

Armlet of Mordiggan (market) for Chaos Knight

$46, $6

Crown of the Death Priestess (market) for DP.

$160, $32

Heaven Piercing Pauldrons (market) for Invoker

$190, $24

Nyx Dagon (market price)

$250, $50

Kunkka Shadow Blade (market price)

Estimate average: 50+24+32+6+8+15+16+22+10+8/10 = 19.1 USD, pretty close enough to the lockbox price. But it does mean if the lockbox is higher you might just want to sell the lockbox.

So most of the items go down by about a factor of 5, but not necessarily proportionately. Nyx Dagon went down an amazing amount, compared to the Kunkka Shadow Blade, or Invoker Heaven Piercing Pauldrons.

You can see how the new tiers and crafts have changed the landscape for genuines.

different dagons different shadowblade

Well, guess what I got when I opened up mine. Yup, the lowest priced crown of the death priestess. Its the luckless lockbox for me.


lucklesslockbox genuine crown of the death priestess