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There is no more scroll of resurrection, nor recruit a friend that you can chain with a friend. So it’s just a plain old 10 days, but your account should already have hit mists of pandaria.

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In this trial, the level cap is at 90.99 which actually blocks access to small bldg. You can however buy the full pack and that will unlock full expansion features for your 10 days, even if you do not actually subscribe for extra months. (e.g. if you are waiting for the tokens)

Things you can do to max out the trial:
You can still get garrison at base, and start accumulating the resources
You can also get followers and level them, they can probably level all the way to 100 which may save time later!
Spam ah (but no trading post for the garrison shuffle)
(you might be able to use a friend’s trading post?)
You can hit 90 on alts, 85 – 90 takes about 5 hrs

If you unlock the pack, lvl 91 can hit small building via questlines before 92