A pretty hilarious interview between hotbid and master troll iceiceice.

Starts with friendly banter and iceiceice trolling, iceiceice is asked about shanghai and singapore (he prefers shanghai), about the matches (the use of wisp, flipping from west to east) to languages, iceiceice; for singapore my english is bad, before they swap to speaking in chinese. Iceiceice to hotbid: ” (in chinese, they said that alliance was handsome especially akke and Loda has no hair, that’s why he wears the hat) [later] iceiceice: I didn’t know you speak chinese, hotbid: I’m full of little secrets like that

Iceiceice is asked about mushi, later talks about haters, says he has a thick skin but loda has thin skin. Shoutouts include loda later “I like loda, I wasn’t flaming loda”.

They decide to have a ping pong showdown at TI4 with a showmatch.