Want to know more about the twin scythes of ice and vyse? Or the snowglobe dota items?

Update: Microplushies Blindbox and Lockless Luckbox revisit Update

Update: Seems like as expected the drops remains the same regardless of level. (The later boxes difference is that they have tradeable items it seems)



When you log on into dota this patch, you will probably be greeted by the level boxes! (Along with the Wraith Night event)

I think there are 9 to 10 boxes, with the last one being current lvl + 5, I’m unsure as to whether it scales tho so one might put it off til reddit confirms whether there is scaling as to loot possibility. If there isn’t then it is better to open asap to clear the 5 levels, if not then it may be better to wait for a higher level.

There’s also a mythical courier boar somewhere there, I guess that must really tank the prices for those who purchased mythical boar couriers.

Most of the items from the boxes are bound to account/soulbound/non tradable/ non marketable. Some of them will tend to be really useful such that you will use it for yourself however!

At the level 8 box you get a mythical welcoming chest that leads to a rare item with an inscribed socket. The hamers and chisels are soulbound but are there to give you an introduction.

This is a pretty good way of introducing the system to new players, through goodie bags (around christmas too) which people may pay more attention to than an opening tutorial. This semi prevents smurfing too, as well as people rerolling for items.

The soulbinding of the items probably has to do with the economy, to prevent overflooding, but the provision of rares and mythicals like the mythical boar courier would necessarily bring down existing prices (compounded with the 75% dota 2 store discount).

frostivus 75%


inscribed wolfhound rifle artificer hammer rare tool welcoming chest eries 43 welcoming chest contents

Some of the stuff you might be able to get, but all soulbound

treasre chest artificer hammer changing gem mythical treasure chest key welcoming chest key mythical treasure chest welcoming chest lich bindings of eldritch ice uncommon

HUD and Gems

custom hud inscribed wards cruel diretide hud lvl 6 present windrunner

You get a legendary craft for witchdoctor

crafting and taunts recipe taunt celebration of death legendary scroll battlepointboostertournamentpasses international 2013 pass 80% battle point booster 500 minutes

A battle bonus, wards and decorative customizations for your items

more customization staff of faith common ward description tag rare tool rare inscribed victories rareinscribedkills personalize your items sockets and gems artificer chisel in box kataginu not tradable nametagnottradeable customize your heroes and items lvl 2 present name tag rare tool seems to be default unwrapping ur gift like christmas? kataginu of a thousand faces welcoming gift lvl box a rare present welcoming gift a rare present

Want to know more about the twin scythes of ice and vyse? Or the snowglobe dota items?