Quite the world tour for the LoL championships, starting in taiwan and routing to singapore, before flying to korea’s busan and then seoul for the finale.

Singapore’s tickets were $25, $45 and $65 with an extra $3 for online booking. The $25 were actually pretty sweet but had very little seats and sold out fast. $65 gets you two random posters. Everyone had a special skins card, SKT or TPA theme. You can sell SKT for about $25-$30 which means the cheap tickets actually pay for themselves. TPA fetches a bit lower. The irony was that the cheaper seats had a better view of the action than the expensive seats.

lol worlds

There were quite a lot of merchandise on sale too (but not as heavy on your wallet as the Dota 2 secret shop)


The jacket went for $90 and the shirts from $30. The plush was about the same.


And there was cosplay


Seems like pretty good games reserved for the last day, with Crumbz the prophet getting the games right. Kabum! managed to take their incredible upset against alliance to go 5-1, and effectively took Alliance out of the running later. Also good games by cloud9 taking rat strategies to score a few wins against korea’s team before handing it back.

The day’s phototaking session was with cloud 9 before the tournament flew off to Busan.