KnC Miner reported that it sold $25 million worth of the machines in just two weeks in December

Well now, lol

(still waiting for their scrypt miner)

Brandon Gordon looks like he had quite a bit of cash to throw, his hands are in multiples of $10k it looks, wonder if its from code designing or from the first bitcoin rush into the 3 digits.


“It’s not going to win any beauty awards. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being there first,” said Alexander Lawn, KnC Miner’s technical communications director. Having just flown in from London, he has the heavy machine in a sturdy suitcase borrowed from his father, who uses it for photography equipment. The TSA had left a note inside, having unsurprisingly decided it was inspection-worth.

Brandon Gordon, a 23-year-old bar code designer from Florida, who first got into Bitcoin in April when he deposited $10,000 into Mt. Gox to start trading has tried a couple of different companies. He originally ordered from Butterfly Labs in April, but when their machines still weren’t ready to ship months later, he sold them on eBay at cost and changed the order to ship to that buyer (they arrived in October). He met with a California-based mining company called Terrahash in July and placed an order with them. But Terrahash ultimately shut down, telling its customers it couldn’t get chips it had ordered from Avalon and promising them 50% of their money back. Gordon was out $30,000 and hasn’t seen any money back from Terrahash. Customers have since sued them, alleging fraud and breach of contract.

It sounds like this guy had some serious bad luck; he says things improved with KnC. He ordered 11 Jupiters from KnC Miner and they “arrived” in October (they are hosted with the company). “As a brand new miner, I was really nervous. But they have been wonderful,” says Gordon by phone. He pays a monthly hosting fee to host to cover power and monitoring of his units.

“I was making about 12 coins a day when I first received them, then 10, then 8, now 4,” he said last month. “I’ve received about 450 coins so far.”

That’s about $360,000 at current $800 per BTC valuation. “The units cost $7,000 each, or $94,000 in total,” he says. “They paid for themselves within 30 days and paid for all the losses I mentioned.”