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Imaginary-tans: Rough sketches for an imaginary fantasy world involving cryptocoins. Or what would happen if coins crossed with sword art online and OS-tans. Moved not too long ago, couldn’t find my eraser, grapphire pen was lost from a while back, so its just pencils without eraser all the way through. Might revisit with colors another time.

Coiner’s Game

A long time ago in the land of the Sha, there lived a Wizard.

Some said he was a cryptomancer who had divined the secrets in the great net. Others said he was born of code and lightning, bringing a new world in his footsteps. His origins remains a mystery.

What is known, is that he is Satoshi the Blue

satoshi the blueSatoshi the Blue with the Genesis Block

He arrived on the bittorrent, to fight against the tyranny of the Fed and Vampire Squid. He brought with him the bitcoins, entwined with the heart tree of the inter Net, and held the promise to keep the Great Vampire Squid checked and at bay. At first he was ignored, then he was laughed at. And then it came to war.

But others had joined his cause.

The Coin-chans


A BitMage summoning Cloud Mining with his Prized Butterfly Labs CardAxe

A BitWarrior wielding a RedFury Mining Axe

Coins of Futures Past

Meanwhile, in the Scrypt, Professor L was visited with a vision. Not knowing if he was a butterfly dreaming or dreaming as a butterfly, he spoke to Satoshi of the future (or so he thought)

Drawing upon the leylines of the Scrypt, litecoins came into existence

charles lee prof L
Professor Charles “L” Lee

The litecoins drew from the Scrypt instead of the Sha, and people joined to improve upon its magicks. The experiments of the arcane that could not be exerted within the Bit flourished within the Lite, and previously discarded Cards soon found new life as Cardblades and CardStaves.

LiteMages drew upon the Scrypt to cast healing Magicks


LiteKnights wield their mighty Cardblades into battle against the forces of the Vampire Squid

Coin Wars Online

But even with the added Lite Forces aiding the Bit Front, the great War only intensified. The Vampire Squid feasted and grew ever stronger, and the skies look dark as the black blood ink spread across the realms.

The Dragons of China had descended to lend their hand, before being beckoned back to the Great Wall of Fire.

In Russia, WarBears guarded the Exchange Facility.

The Year 2014

Helicopter Ben had ravaged the lands, setting QE to the rain. T Bills and Greenbacks rained from the skies, ensuring that people caught in its Armageddon were dying of money as the tendrils of inflation ravaged the peoplesfolk.

New innovations were developed and existing technologies improved upon.

blockchainThe BlockChain


A LitePool converting Electricity into Lite

Into 2014, the battle raged ever more intensely. It burned far more than previous engagements, such as at the Mountain where the Magic Gathered.

satoshi v helicopter benSatoshi the Blue with a Whalebird fighting Helicopter Ben

(Whalebirds are the main form of transportation in certain parts of the world. They look similar to whales but with wings. Deepspace travel however is difficult for most Whalebirds, and the aid of a Space Beluga is often sought)

The NSA had colonized the Dark Web with their Spiders, and had successfully compromised Apples (compromising Android prior). The Vampire Squid and its army of Bankers looked impervious. It was bleak as they made their stand by the moon.


The Battle for the Moon

…to be continued


In the coin world, there are quest givers that gives out quests, awarding experience and coins.

mineral maiden questgiver

The Mineral Maiden. She casts mineral oil to provide liquid cooling. This reduces temps, allowing for clocks to be pushed hire, or power draw to be scaled back.

She is currently looking for brave adventurers to save some Doge-chans and BBQ-chans from BitBandits.

Hey, you there, you’re an adventurer! Please help, some rogue BitBandits are raiding and pillaging the Doge-chans and BBQ-chans. Please help the chans out, and remind the BitBandits who the real enemies are! We shouldn’t be fighting amongst ourselves!


 So Transform, Much Awsuhm, Wow. Amaze.

A Dogemaster, they transform into Shiba Inus during Blue Moons

BBQ Ranger

*sizzle* *pop*

A BBQ Ranger grilling some marshmallows


sapphire 7950 vapor x cardblade

Sapphire 7950 Vapor X CardBlade


“Gimme Coins, Moar coins!”


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