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I was on Channel U’s financial programme Money Week to talk about Bitcoins, as well as demonstrate its use! Tomas of Coinofsale.com introduced me, and I tried to explain Bitcoins in chinese. Too bad much of the important stuff I said about the groundbreaking breakthroughs of bitcoin got cut >_<

(that’s a photo of me with Jim Rogers in the background from a year back :D, it randomly made its way into the cuts)

On the whole however, it was very balanced, instead of a negative media spin that might have been the case in some other country! Thanks Tomas, the producer and the production team!

(will probably write something more on the stuff that didn’t make it in, as well as some chinese parts)

Here’s some random shots

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Coffee at Artistry! ($5 sgd/$4usd or 0.00735 BTC)

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